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Chasity “Klassy Chassy” Saunders is the co-owner of Avenue Pink, LLC and the Host of the weekly Avenue Pink Radio broadcast, as well as a working Actress, Model and live event MC.  A Virginia native and southern girl at heart, Chasity relocated to the “Big Apple” in hopes of using her natural charisma to become an inspiration to dreamers all over the world.

Talented and driven towards success, Chasity has been a featured model on BET’s Rip the Runway, in ESSENCE Magazine,, Full Figured Fashion Week (FFFW) New York, Pure Energy, and most recently she was selected to model for Tina Knowles “Miss Tina” Fashion Line. Chasity has traveled and appeared on national TV with my Miss Tina By Tina Knowles Campaign exclusively for Wal-Mart, which included public appearances such as NBC’s Today Show, the Ellen Degeneres Show, The View, BET’s Monique Show and many more!  You can visit to view the line!

Living her dream as a new fashion and commercial model, Chasity has been featured in national magazines and secured national commercials as well; clients are now requesting her for editorial and commercial layouts alike such as the August 2009, January 2010 and December 2010 ESSENCE magazine spreads as well as a spread in the Winter Issue of Jones Magazine. In addition, Chasity opened and was a featured model in Full Figured Fashion Week 2010 which landed her on the front page of the New York Times.

In such a short time Chasity has become one of the most successful models of color in the plus-size industry and this is only the beginning. Keeping God first and hand picking only positive and uplifting roles or projects will keep Chasity on the hot list for years to come!

Q&A With Chasity Saunders!

BS: When In Your Career Did You Realize That You Were Born To Do What You Do?

Chasity Saunders: I’ve always known from a young age that I would work in the entertainment industry! Whether it is was dancing, acting out scenes from a film or television show, or even playing dress up in my mother’s clothes and then putting on a fashion show for my family and friends! As the years went by, I continued to advance in the arts. I later decided to go to college for theatre and eventually majored in communications which opened doors for me to get started in television and radio as well as hosting and runway shows. I consider myself to be multi-dimensional and I’ve known that since I was a child, I realized it more as a college student.

BS: What Are Some Highlights in Your Career as a Plus Sized Model and Co-Owner of Avenue Pink?

Chasity Saunders: There are so many! Wow where do I start? As the first business owner in my family signing the contract for Avenue Pink, LLC was an amazing moment for me! Witnessing the evolution of my company with my business partner Quan Lateef, and serving as the first correspondent for Mary J. Blige’s nonprofit FFAWN and interviewing her as well as Interviewing a pioneer and idol of mine Ruby Dee, were both extremely empowering moments and most definitely highlights of my entrepreneurial career!

As a model, signing my first contract, being featured on the front page of the New York Times, On the pages of ESSENCE and Jones magazines. Also, landing a national campaign that afforded me the opportunity to travel around the country doing television, radio and in store events with my dream client, Tina Knowles for the Miss Tina by Tina Knowles clothing line to name a few!

BS: What Difficulties Have You Encountered?

Chasity Saunders: I look at all difficulties that I’ve faced as an opportunity’s to overcome and to be better! And so far I’ve been successful at doing so! A quote that I live by is, “You cannot have a testimony without the Test”! All of the difficulties that I have faced are merely test. For those situations that I have no control over, I’m reminded that I know God, and that my trust is always in him!

BS: I Know You Strongly Believe In Giving Back. In What Ways Have You Given Back To The Community?

Chasity Saunders: I have always given back to my community and as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and a business owner I feel that it is my duty to empower and uplift. My company Avenue Pink also has a heavy focus on empowerment and giving back. Whether I’m volunteering my services as a host, mentor, or volunteer, I give back by helping to  execute coat drives, feeding the homeless, and even giving free seminars that equip young professional with the tools that they’ll need to have a successful and fruitful career as well. For instance, Avenue Pink’s last panel discussion “Power and Progress: Women in Media Making it on Merit”, was a huge success for young entrepreneurs.

BS: How Important is the Growth of the Black Community to You?

Chasity Saunders: The growth of the black community is vital to me! Promoting healthy and progressive communities start with us and our relationships. My positive relationships as a sister, a daughter, cousin, niece, aunt and friend is where it all starts! If we could all focus on being better human beings, I believe that we could change the world, and it’s perceptions!

BS: What Advice Do You Have For the Women Out There Who Look Up To You?

Chasity Saunders: First I would like to thank them for their continued love and support! It is sincerely appreciated! Go #TeamChasity!

I would also tell them to KNOW their business, and to always remember that good enough is NEVER good enough. Be sure that you are completely clear on what you hope to achieve in life and GO FOR IT! remember loves, things won’t always be easy or go your way… but then again there can be no testimony, without a test!

Get in CONTACT with Chasity Saunders!

Fan Page:
Twitter: @MsKlassyChassy
Agency: IPM Model Management

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