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KITTYROSE- Catherine Warren Bishop

Growth can be defined by the success of ones efforts. Catherine Warren Bishop‘s efforts have catapulted her talents in a wide range of specialties and ventures. As a buyer, retailer and designer she has the ability to combine industries that has helped her achieve the branding of a new lifestyle–The KittyRose LyfeStyle.

Catherine’s resume includes; dancer for the Grind’s MTV which lead her to work with such artists as LL.Cool J and R. Kelly. Her expertise as a fashion stylist paved the way for her to style for Windup and Motown records, where she would style for singer Carl Thomas and the band Creed. In 1998 she set forth the path of entrepreneurship and started freelancing for modeling agencies where she styled models that graced the ad campaigns of Gap, Calvin Klein, and Sean John.

As a business owner she mapped out a blueprint for herself in an array of different projects that has given her the capabilities to share her unique style, views and energy. In 2005 Catherine started the branding of KittyRose, a vast collection of one of a kind handmade earrings and expressive tee-shirts that were created to inspire today’s urban woman. Theses silk screened messages and phases of love, power and self-respect empowers women to want more, do more and be more all while baring the truth and soulfulness of the KittyRose logo.

A native of the Brooklyn streets Catherine’s “the revolution has begun” phrase is now in full effect with the introduction of the KittyRose LyfeStyle blog hosted by Catherine and featuring eye opening conversations about hot topics, information about the latest trends in fashion and home furnishings, poetry from brilliant poets and selective choices of mixed music. In this forum we learn and interact with Catherine as she takes on serious views about neighborhoods, cities and world issues. The KittyRose LyfeStyle brand extends the invitation to join the revolution with a weekly newsletter where the blog discussions continue and more up to date information about the KittyRose LyfeStyle products are displayed.

Her journey has taken her to wearable art showcases and festivals from New York to Baltimore; her participation in Harlem Week has helped her stay one of the communities’ recognizable entrepreneurs. The KittyRose LyfeStyle brand is also recognized by celebrities who have indulged in the brands accessories and tees ; like legendry singer and song writer Roberta Flack, actresses Kim Fields and Phyllis Y. Stickney and television household guru, Rachel Ray.

From start to present Catherine Warren is a force of outstanding achievements. The KittyRose LyfeStyle brand welcomes and encourages you to grow, stay focus, be safe and join the revolution.

Q&A With Catherine W. Bishop

BS:  You are a Jack of all Trades. What endeavor as an entrepreneur in which is most important to you?

CWB: In this stage of my life I want to do more for my community, So I would say that the work I am doing with my events for the community is the most important to me.

BS:  How did you begin your career in modeling? What opportunities were presented to you?

CWB: I was very fortunate. I only got scammed one time and then met a wonderful agent who introduce to me to a photographer who just loved me and I became his little model for all his gigs that did not have confirmed models.

So I started working and booking other gigs, My agent also had connections in the video world, so became my career dancing in videos which led to other gigs which led to my real passion, styling clothes.
BS:  Where is the Kittyrose Lyfestyle brand available for the public?

They can always visit my BLOG PAGE  to see what I am up to in regards to events and trunk shows.

BS: How important is the Black community to you?

CWB: The BLACK Community is what drives me. We are the most loving race but we are the most abused and sadden by things we can not control but stay distracted , so it’s keeps us lost. That saddens me because LIFE is so good and we as a people are missing out!

BS:  In what ways do you plan on contributing to the Community?

CWB: By bringing TRUTH and awareness of the things and topics that make life great. Sharing the importance of having GOD in your life. Doing events that are enjoyable and exciting but thought provoking, where you leave knowing you can make a difference and doing so!

BS:  What advice would you share with future entrepreneurs?

CWB: To stay Focus and Driven, it’s hard to manage it all. The lows are very low and will become hard to maintain. It will test your determination. Truly separating the weak from the strong. Because if everyone could have their own business, they would and they don’t. So maintain the focus in why you are doing what your doing and the rewards that will come from that.

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