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Clyde Vanel owns and operates the Vanel Law Firm, an intellectual property and business law practice based in New York City. He represents entrepreneurs, business owners and entertainers from around the world. He specializes in trademark acquisition and licensing, copyright licensing and transfers, and patent licensing. He operates the e-commerce site where his firm protects your name, brand and logo for a fixed fee. Clyde is a prolific public speaker on topics ranging from idea protection to business legal matters. 

He was featured in numerous publications such as Money® Magazine and Black Enterprise® Magazine for his business acumen.  Clyde also owned and operated Vanel’s® Restaurant & Bar in Lower Manhattan for four years. Clyde is a private pilot and owns a single-engine airplane.

Boston University School of Law, JD
Journal of Science & Technology Law, Editor-in-Chief
SUNY, Aerospace Technology/Aviation Admin, BS
Student Government Association, President

Q&A With Clyde Vanel

BS: Your law firm has a unique way of legally aiding entrepreneurs, business owners, and entertainers. How did you come about providing this service?

Clyde Vanel: I believe in providing excellent legal services at an affordable rate. Many of my clients are entrepreneurs and small business owners that deserve high-quality representation, but can not afford big law firm fees. I take the time to truly understand my clients’ businesses and goals. I understand that the more familiar I am with my client, the better service I can provide for their short and long-term goals.

BS:  How did you decide to pursue a career in law? Has it been a rewarding one?

Clyde Vanel: Becoming an attorney, was never on my radar. I studied aviation and aerospace in college. During my undergraduate years, I was involved with student organizations where I participated in demonstrations at the state capitol.  I also worked with an attorney and lobbied public officials for public education funding. Additionally, two of my close friends decided to go to law school.

I truly enjoy being an attorney. I can honestly say that I found my life’s calling. It is truly rewarding to be able to use my knowledge, abilities, and acumen as an attorney to help others.

BS:  What are some pitfalls you’ve encountered? Have did you avoid from letting them deter you?

Clyde Vanel: There are many pitfalls and challenges in business and in life. I try to approach challenges as opportunities for growth. One thing for certain, as long as we are living, we will always encounter problems.  We do, however, control our reaction and response to problems and challenges. “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”

BS:  What other services are provided at your law firm?

Clyde Vanel: We provide trademark services where we protect your name, your brand or logo for a low flat fee. Brands are oftentimes the most valuable assets that businesses, websites or entertainers maintain.  It is very important

to properly maintain ownership of your brand in the event that you will license the brand, franchise the business or sell the company. Additionally, you may be susceptible to a trademark infringement law suit if you do not properly register your brand.

BS:  Are there other endeavors in which you’re pursuing or plan to pursue?

Clyde Vanel: I am very involved in many aspects of community empowerment in my community in Queens, New York.  I work to help improve education, senior services and economic opportunities.

BS:  In what ways do you believe the Black community can change for the good? What do you believe we need to strengthen?

Clyde Vanel: I believe that the national and global black community is a very powerful and strong community. The black community as a whole boasts immeasurable contemporary and historical accomplishments.  The black community must continue to make economic strides in this country and around the globe.

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Clyde Vanel, Esq.
Attorney & Owner
New York, NY 

Vanel Law Firm

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