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“One major part of my success is my wife & her support.”At a very early age, Jean Alerte began expanding his work experiences ranging from producing shows, marketing, management and entrepreneurship. Jean was part of DECA, Delta Epsilon Chi Activities .  His early work career coupled with family role models and corporate mentors, has molded Jean into a management and marketing guru in his own right.
Jean was introduced to an eventual Promotion/Entertainment advisor , who genuinely instilled in him the principles of  accountability, morals, and integrity, which Jean incorporates into all of his business ventures.  Jean’s motto is “Always do right”.
Jean has compiled a list of accomplishments that any company would be proud of and  that span throughout many industries from event planning to sports and artist management.  He has landed accounts with a host of venues in the New York Metropolitan area , which allowed him to successfully produce and manage successful events for entertainers and politicians.
Jean’s honest, and approachable persona allows him to deal with everyday people, as well as “A” list celebrities. Jean Alerte is here to ” alert” the entertainment industry of his can-do and know how expertise.  He is the future in the Real Estate & Entertainment industry.

Q&A With Jean Alerte

BS:  How did you come about Alerte, Carter & Associates?

Jean Alerte: I started ACA in 2007 when one of my Real Estate clients & Godson’s father wanted me to help manage his career in Film. He is a screen writer and was working on a major deal. He talked me into it and it seemed like a great opportunity since the real estate market was changing so rapidly. I teamed up with a few of my friends and family to start and they are all still here today.

BS: Was this industry an industry you knew you would be a part of?

Jean Alerte: The funny thing about it is that I never thought I would be doing this at such a level and working on the projects I’ve worked on so quickly.  I focus on the process and not the outcome so because of that I’m here.

BS:  What are the most rewarding experiences of being in this industry?

Jean Alerte: The smiles on my clients satisfied faces in any of our businesses. With over 10 years in business I’ve had a lot of rewarding moments but there is nothing like the words “Thank you” that motivates me. My bosses are my clients, without them no success and no referrals. Whether Real Estate, Jewelry, Marketing or Comedy clients I will always do right by them.

BS:  What advice would you give entrepreneurs in starting a business?

Jean Alerte: I tell people that if they go into business for themselves they have to do something they love to do.  Also they must have a clear & detailed plan describing where they want to be in 1 year, 3 years & 10 years.  Once you have a plan put together, have a clear vision & faith in yourself, you will be good to go!  I’ve been a entrepreneur for all my life before I knew what the word meant.  I’ve always planned  & had a to-do list because I understood that I’m human & will forget.  My days are more productive and seem to move faster.

BS:  How important is having a team? What role do they play?

Jean Alerte: I love my team.  I call them my partners because they all play a major role.  I have partners in every business that I’m a part of because I can not handle everything.  One of the most challenging parts of being a entrepreneur is learning how to delegate task.  Trusting that another person is going to understand your vision and execute it correctly.  It took me years to finally let go but I get better every day.

BS:  What renown clients have Alerte & Carter worked with besides Kevin Hart?

Jean Alerte: All our clients are great!  We’ve worked with many professionals, musicians, athletes, actors, comedians & brands.  I appreciate all the opportunities that we receive daily.  They are all my bosses and I try to go above and beyond every chance I get to keep them here.

BS:  Where do you see yourself in 10 years

Jean Alerte: I want my brand to be recognized and respected in all industries that I am currently involved with.  I want to continue to grow my family and be able to make a difference.

BS:  Have you made sacrifices to attain the success in which you’ve achieved?

Jean Alerte: I have given up time with family to build my career & this year I made a promise that’s all going to change.  I actually started this January, I end my business day at 7pm unless it’s a planned meeting.  Everything could wait till the next day, trust me the work isn’t going anywhere.  My health suffered during the past couple of years by staying out all night at clients studios, events, networking than waking up at 7am to start again.  I used to hear people say sleep when your dead work now, but you will die if your body gets no rest.

BS: What is your next major project?

Jean Alerte: I’ve been working with my partner to produce a online comedy show & we teamed up with to make that happen. This is 50 Comedy will premier on April 28, 2011 with 50 Cent’s comedian Young Jack Thriller as the host.  It will feature the hottest & talented comedians around the country.  If you loved Def Comedy Jam your going to love & appreciate this program. The show will also raise money for a few charities one of them assisting breast cancer survivor’s.

BS: Where can people go to watch This is 50 Comedy Show?

Jean Alerte: The show information will be on and price for this show will be $3.50 and a portion goes to charity.

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  1. I’m so proud to know and work with Jean. His energy and work ethic inspire me. I wish him and the entire ACA team many more years of success.

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