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ASAKEOGE- Asake Agoro

Asake Agoro wearing one of her designs

Asake Agoro of the Award winning London Based Couture brand Asakeoge launches The Vintage Philosophy collection. This is a revisitation of the bestselling silhouettes that has made the brand a go-to for fashion and events and an addition of eyecatching prints and tailored lines.Encapsulating the everyday needs of the fashion forward woman. Pieces from work wear to eveining;Tea party Sundays to Club Fridays the limited edition ready to wear is a solution to the fashion victim who finds it easier to follow high street trends as Asakeoge instead designs and produces original, contemporary pieces that set the trend.

Asake herself says, “My passion for individuality is apparent in every work I create, for me the wow-factor is non negotiable in my hand made garments. I love to enter a room and make heads turn.”

The ready to wear draws from her couture roots with exaggerated shoulders, cinched waists and sharp silhouettes. It celebrates the classic feminine hourglass shape with a hint of the tribal. With this collection we are saying less is more. Taking inspiration from favourite silhouettes of the 1920s to the 1980s; Bell bottom pants from the 70s, bubble hems, An exaggerated shoulder here, a cinched waist there, a colourful pattern here and there. Classic, effortless elegance. Its more about the woman, how you carry yourself says a lot about you.

Q&A With Asake Agoro

BS:  What triggered you to begin in the designing realm?
Asake Agoro: I grew up in a creative household with a grandmother who was a seamstress and a mum who was an Interior Decorator.It was only natural that I acquired some of their creative skills that led me to start making my own garments from age 15.
BS:  You have chic and unique designs which also entail your culture. How have you managed to blend the two?
Asake Agoro: For me, designing is as much a part of me as my heritage. My designs  express who I am as a person. I like to stand out and be unique and the use of bold prints and cutting edge designs reflects this. I design for women who are not afraid to be different and be trendsetters rather than fashion followers.
BS:  What is the most remarkable and memorable experience you’ve had?

Asake Agoro: I have had so many remarkable experienecs, I would say the most recent one was when I won the BEFFTA Award for best Female Fashion Designer UK. It is very good to have all your hard work and creativity acknowledged by such a wide audience.

BS: What are you future aspirations for ASAKEOGE?

Asake Agoro: The plan is to grow an international luxury womenswear brand recognized all over the world .

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