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Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson was born in Stamford, CT where she also received her BA in Human Resource and a Doctorate in Theology. Carol is married with nine children and many other extended children. Carol served ads a foster mother for years and have adopted several children. “Children are such a joy, they can sometimes make you cry but over all they bring so much happiness”, Carol. She too was raised in a large family with lots of love and happiness that she wanted her family to have that kind of life style.
Carol having a love for music, also loved to sing and dance. She took ballet and jazz lessons for years.At the tender age of eight, Carol began her modeling career. Both her mother and my aunt were Fashion Designers. Carol has modeled in the states of NY, MO, CT, MA, DC and so many other locations. At some point in her life Carol had the opportunity to model for Fashion Fair Show where Audrey Smalls was the commentator at that time. But unfortunately her parents were too afraid to let her travel to Paris. The distance was out of the question.
Carol also graduated from Barbizon Modeling School in Stamford, CT. She always love fashion and makeup. When she was pregnant with her first son, the desire to own her own makeup company compelled her and she was determined to make it happen. Years later Carol casually mentions her aspiration it to her daughter Ashlee, now business partner and hence the creation of Dream Kosmetics in June of 2010.

Q&A With Carol Wilson

BS:  So many of us would like to enter into the realms of entrepreneurship. What are some mistakes we should avoid making?

Carol Wilson: Avoid rushing into your business without doing some research and working on a business plan. Many times people feel like they don’t need one or they say it’s in my head. Without a business plan it will be hard for your business to stay on track. No lender will take you serious about your business if you don’t have one. If you don’t know how to do a business plan you should contact Small Business Administration and tell them you need to contact SCORE. They will help you achieve that goal.

BS:  Why have you chosen the Cosmetic industry?

Carol Wilson: I use to be a model and when I was modeling my makeup never seem to match my skin color. I began to look around at the faces on TV and I realize that no matter what your ethnicity was there were many shades in each race. Back in the day. if you were a person of color you either look like you were gray or the makeup made you darker then what you were. So my partner and I decided to venture out and create a line that would meet everyone’s skin tone.

BS:  Has this industry been a rewarding one?

Carol Wilson: Yes most definitely! I love seeing women putting on our make up and the happiness that comes over their faces brings joy to my heart. Watching women try on Voluptuous Lip Gloss for the first time and they realize that their lips look gorgeous and they don’t stick together like most leading brand.

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