Darius Wobil with Super Model Coco Mitchell in one of His Designs

Darius E. Wobil was born on March 25th1983 in Buffalo, New York. His mother a West African model Erica Thomas and a musician father non-denominational Reverend Emmanuel Wobil. Oldest of six siblings he was always able to exercise guidance and leadership qualities. Darius knew at an early age that he was destined to be an artist and was constantly driven towards things that would build his artistic soul. He learned how to sew by assisting his mother who worked for Oscar De La Renta. He knew from childhood that he had a passion for sewing and would one day plan on making a living from it.

In 1997, he left London to attend college in the USA at AIU in Atlanta,GA. Darius graduated cum laude in General Arts from Ghana National College. He also attended The American Intercontinental University and received a BA in Design Arts. He speaks five languages. He worked as a backup singer, as well as multiple odds jobs in corporate America and later worked with Leon Parham of Mama’s Boy Production, an urban men’s wear company and the Urban Alligator, both in Atlanta. Darius is also the lead designer for Neo Soul clothing company’s Negrs Lebrum in New Orleans in addition to being the new designer for Chulo men’s underwear. He is referred to as “Georgia’s youngest couture, Atlanta’s Valentino”. A New York magazine once called him “a fashion storm to watch for”. Darius Wobil’s eclectic charm and metropolitan sensibility help make his designs the epitome of modern New York and European style.

Though he initially received his attention for his wild colors and unpredictably short hems, Since its launch in 2000, Wobil’s stylish collections have been consistently featured in fashion magazines, and the designer himself garnered numerous accolades, including an award from the Bermuda American Association. Wobil’s brand also includes handbags, accessories and vintage nostalgia mixed with modern sophistication. The “evening wear” line includes sexy cocktail dresses, evening gowns, bridal gowns, perfect fitting pants, flouncy separates and dignified tailoring on men’s wear. The young fashion mogul was the host of a new bridal show on Comcast’s Fairy tale wedding dress. Wobil’s recent New York Fashion week shows have notably raised the bar and have caught the attention of the New York fashion elite. His first production will be designed for department store buyers and boutiques. His work has graced the covers and editorial pages of Italian Vogue, Requin, Epic, Noir Couture, Urban Socialites, UCE and etc.. He has been waging his ever so evolving passion for the fashion industry by staying fresh with designs that grab the attention of fashion insiders. SAINT WOBIL will be creating a life style for the ever more serious fashion conscious, and New York has been the place for it to truly evolve to the eloquence and prestige for any designer who truly loves fashion as much as Darius Wobil.

Q&A Darius Wobil

BS:  What garnered you to become a designer?

Darius Wobil: I can’t remember an exact moment. I have always felt that I was destined to be a designer. I was influenced by the women in my family. The many events including family weddings, church services and various occasions, also having lived on three continents before the age of 20. I saw how women lived and how they interacted, and so dressing them and the men that accompanied them became important for the numerous stages in their lives. 

BS:  What inspires you as a designer? What styles best represent your line?

Darius Wobil: Life inspires me as a designer. Life has its ups and downs. Through the dimensions and stages in life, you pray for leading inspirations and through your esthetics you build on your nostalgia. And maintain your style for a certain way of life for a particular demographic.  People usually use words like elegance sophistication yet practical to describe my work I personally do see more romanticism from a couturier perspective. 

BS:  How do you overcome the pitfalls within the fashion industry?

Darius Wobil: The pitfalls within the fashion industry will be there with or without me. As an artist one must learn to make do with the given situation on hand which is why you learn that artists are not made they are born you must have the skills to endure. It comes along with the territory. The ability to reinvent oneself to fit the situation is an art itself. So every pitfall is a learning experience to do something greater. 

BS:  Where have your line been featured? Both retail and publications.

Darius Wobil: Private boutiques have carried exclusive pieces of my clothing, Mens underwear “Chulo” was sold in stores located in Germany, China and other countries,.Publications were featured on Italian Vogue, Requiem Fashion Magazine, UCE, Urban Socialite, Control, Noir, Bello, Santo Domingo Times, to list but a few.  I work mostly as an Atelier.
BS:  What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve made to be where you are today? Would you do it again?
Darius Wobil: Gave my  dogs away, sold my brand new  Jeep, moving away from family, ended an important relationship,  a well paying job and a well furnished life moving to New York from Atlanta to sleep on someone else’s coach and stairwells in pursuit of self fulfillment and my career. Yes, for all of the pain, heartache and disappointment and betrayal I would do it again to be able to share my journey with others through these interviews. Interviews like these are another avenue to share my story besides through my creativity.
BS:  What advice do you have for a younger and inexperienced designers who want to achieve what you’ve achieved?
Darius Wobil: To brace themselves! Its 95% slavery and 5% glamour if you come into the business to be a celebrity you are in the wrong field and the wrong business. If it’s about your craft and the integrity of the arts of fashion, put aside your personal distractions, and face the fashion with authenticity. Also the business knowledge helps.

BS:  What are your future aspirations?

Darius Wobil: To build my brand SAINT WOBIL into a lifestyle where people all over the world can finally maintain a constant style and not just look at fashion as pretty designs but using it as a way to channel their inner beauty , elegance and style. I also desire to have everyone in my designs and be able to change them into the perfection, we as artists desire and can only achieve through our work. To become the first and world re-known African-American couturier and achieve the level designers never got to like Patrick Kelly, Willi Smith and the CFDA award would be nice on the mantle.

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