“ZIPPER QUEEN”- Patrice Goodluck

Patrice "Zipper Queen" Goodluck

Q&A With Patrice Goodluck

BS:  When were you absolutely sure you would be a designer? Did you jump to the occasion immediately?
Patrice Goodluck: When I was 9 years old I decided to be a Fashion Designer. I didn’t jump into design it immediately, I first went to college for Law and Business Management then after I went to an art school and studied Fashion Design.

BS:  What steps did you take in the beginning to become a designer? How do you go about getting recognition for your work?

Patrice Goodluck: I went to school and that was the first step into my career. as for recognition I do not believe I’ve been recognized for my work, I feel there’s a lot more work that need to be done for that to happen.
BS:  Were there times you felt like giving up? How did you encourage yourself to keep going?
Patrice Goodluck: Honestly I never had a moment where I felt like giving up and looking at how much school cost me I don’t think I’ll ever have a moment where I will feel like give up. *chuckles*

BS:  Would you say designers of color receive the recognition they deserve in the world of Fashion?

Patrice Goodluck: I feel there isn’t enough recognition for black designers in the industry, I can’t even name any big name designers who are black. I can’t think of any.
BS:  What would you say are the top four key essential points to keep in mind as a designer?
Patrice Goodluck:
  • 1. Stay true to your self and to your craft
  • 2. Just do it! If you feel like making something just make it
  • 3. Learn the Business
  • 4. keep up with the trends
BS:  We know your clothes are of Avant Garde style, do you plan on designing other styles?
Patrice Goodluck: I really don’t plan things, planning to me is like planning a kids birthday party. I feel like if you plan things you always know the out come and that’s something I’m not trying to do, I rather just go with the flow. So to answer the question planning to me is not in my vocabulary. I like to be free design wise.
BS:  You have been righteously crowned the “Queen of Zippers”. Can you please share how you’ve come about receiving that title?
Patrice Goodluck: LOL! Wow, I never knew I was the “Queen of Zippers”. I hear people say it, but I’m still waiting on my crown lol. As for the Zipper concept  that came about in my last semester in college where I had to create three looks to present with my portfolio. It was then I decided I didn’t want to use fabric I wanted to create my own textile, so I created a line of zippers.
BS:  Would you agree that it is imperative for a designer to capture their own sense of style in regards to designing? Why?
Patrice Goodluck: Very much so, I feel that you have to have your defined style in order to be excluded from the rest. To differentiate yourself and stand out. Standing out is a good thing in this industry.

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