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A copy of President Barack Obama's birth certificate

My President, OUR President, Barack Hussein Obama II, has spent more time proving himself to his peers and the people of America than the actual work a president should focus on. Granted, NO president could fix the mess that George W. Bush created in his two terms. People simply have this ignorant notion that this black man is incapable of running this country. They fail to realize a lot of factors come into play when running a country. Specially if there is a lack of support by those in government. They also fail to realize that the amount of education as well as intelligence Obama possesses surpasses most of our past presidents.

All in all, Barack Obama IS the President and the country should respect him as such. No exceptions! Not even for the likes of T.V Personality, funny hair style wearing, Donald Trump. My instincts always told me to be wary of the individuals who sport hair styles that looks like it should have its own country. Donald Trump has already conducted himself in a way in the past in which others have concluded as racist. For example, for the first time in history, on “The Apprentice”, a black man, Randal Pickett won..fair and square. Suddenly, Trump asks if it would be ok to “also” hire Rebecca, the second runner up. Randal stood his ground and said “NO”! Hooray for standing your ground Randal!  Donald Trump later states it was Randal’s first “test”. I highly doubt it.

Now back to regular scheduled programming…

Just when I thought America had changed for the better, then came the “Birthers”. A radical group on the internet who swears that our president wasn’t born on American soil. In 235 years there has never been a time when a President was questioned whether or not he was qualified to be the Commander in Chief and prove he was born in the United States! It’s unheard of! So why then should it be acceptable today? Why would the government even entertain such an absurd accusation! Simply because they have their doubts. A recent poll shows that 51% of Republicans agree with the “birthers”.

Who is Donald Trump for the President to even respond to his remarks? Seriously! His outlandish and disrespectful remarks shouldn’t be entertained. The President should’ve told everyone he’s president and there isn’t much you can do about it. ok..fine! Maybe not in those words. But he should’ve firmly declined having his birth certificate “publicly inspected”. Like seriously..they might as well built a time machine and flew back to the actual time and place to prove it .To release the copy of his birth certificate questions who really has the authority. I doubt the copy will appease the alligations of the “birthers”..

We as a people need to change our mindset. We have NOTHING to prove to anyone! Unfortunately we can’t change the mindsets of  people who view the Black Community as an “inferior” community. We know we come from Kings and Queens and we have noble and royal blood running through our veins. Other cultures fail in comparison of the richness of our history. Donald Trump expresses his satisfaction of the release of Barack Obama’s birth certificate to the public. My president disappointed me. It shouldn’t have been done!

Written By: Judith Jacques

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this post is that of the author and not BLACK STREET entirely.


  1. I will be the first to say that I know very little about politics. I agree with you on a few points you made, however I so not believe that our President Obama showed proof of his birth certificate because he he had something to prove to the nation; let alone Dinald Trump. We all know that he has more important things to do than to listen to a man who makes his fortune on bullying people. We are dealing with narrow-minded and as you put it best “racist” individuals who still can not comet term with he fact that we have a black man for president. Now I don’t mean to quote the illustrious words of Spiderman’s Aunt Mae but “with great power comes great responsibility.” President Obama does hold a position of great responsibilty and since he has announced that he will run for another term people like Trump and these Birthers have nothing better to do than to discredit him for a position that he attained fair and square. I feel Obama wanted to put these silly, playground rumors to bed and tackle the issues at hand; which is to turn this country around. I also feel that he did not want those that are in support of him to either second guess or have any doubts of him. He proved that he can handle anything you throw at him and I believe he did in a dignified way. And to Mr. Trump turn to your advisors and say “You’re fired!” for thinking that this was the way to the White House.

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