"Harlem Love" by Nicole Folkes

Relationships, an adventure that you embark on with someone completely different or similar to you, a special bond being shared by someone you care about. But often in our generation relationships are often being abused and the concept completely tainted, a meaning that’s now viewed by many, as an excuse for not wanting to be alone. A generation where people are forming relationship after relationship, giving it their all, or not, and to find pieces of themselves shattered, causing the feeling of incompletion and pain.

In order to find true love you must work on yourself, instead of scrutinizing others, try to see what you can work on, focus on your own self-development before entering a relationship. If you don’t, you can only expect drama and disappointment. If all fails even if you tried your best don’t give up, there is someone out there for you even though it may sound cliché but it’s the truth. Be patient. Don’t be to be quick to rush into another relationship after you just left one. Take time off to regroup and learn from that experience. Often time that’s why the concept of love in our society has been changing, since people are too quick into engaging in relationship just to be with someone. It may be because of their finances, wanting security, or because they genuinely believe there in love, when it can actually be mistaken for lust. Before you say you’re in love, retrace your steps, try to see what that person has to offer you other than their finances or looks. Mainly because, you can buy a person nice cloths if you don’t like how they dress, you can buy fragrances if you don’t like their scent, and you can even pay for someone to have plastic surgery (if you’re willing to go to that extent) in order for them to look appealing to your eyes, but you can never buy a person personality and sense of genuine love.

As black people, were not labeled as having the best relations with our significant others due to the drama, the miscommunication, and lack of respect at times. By us truly finding ourselves and genuinely trying to find love we will break the stereotypical views other cultures have on us. We need to stop trying to be in relationships just to keep ourselves busy, or worst self satisfaction. We are playing with not just our fate but with the fate of others. In addition, please don’t making it a number one priority to fall in love because you will end up losing your balance in failing into disorder. Sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you if you only open your eyes. Relationships are the starting point for a person to sail across pain shores or affections; you’re in charge of your own destiny remember that.

Written By: Andrew Pierre

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this post is that of the author and not BLACK STREET entirely.


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