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Bianca Chardei

Born in Columbia, SC and bred in Washington, DC. Bianca Chardei has been a part of the entertainment industry since the tender age of 10. As a child, Bianca was always intrigued by Arts. She was featured in various Wal-Mart commercials, PBS programs, hosted her own televised talk show and even taught Liturgical Dance.

Bianca began her collegiate career in 2006 at Howard University majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. With her background in modeling and acting, Bianca immediately began working on her career .She grew a strong appreciation for the diversity of DC and the vast Arts outlet that DC offers. She became a freelance fashion writer for various publications, modeled in DC fashion Week and became the face of many local boutiques. She soon became one of DC’s most requested and valued models.

Since 2006, Bianca has been featured in various BET Rip the Runway commercials, NYFW and graced the runways of the some of the most respected and top designers. In 2009, Bianca landed a spot on the 13th season of the hit show America’s Next Top Model. Since the show she has been featured in Campaigns for Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, Indique Hair International and her upcoming campaign, Espion Collection. Bianca is also the face Cole Stevens Hair Salon and the Spokeswoman for Wailers Creation a Non-Profit to Support Adoption/Foster Youth and WEAVE a non profit supporting domestic abuse victims.

Bianca Chardei is currently a guest co-host for Big Tigger’s Direct Access, a CW-DC50 TV Personality & has an upcoming fashion radio segment. She is currently reading for films, working on her television show and recipe book.

Q&A With Bianca Chardei

BS:   When did you begin modeling? How did you know that this career choice was the right one for you?

Bianca Chardei:  I began modeling at the tender age of ten years old. Initially it was an activity I was placed in by my mother for elf grooming and etiquette. Soon, I began doing commercials, shows, etc..Theatre was my first love, I eventually gave theatre up for modeling. I came to college in 2006 (Howard) and traveled between NY and DC from 2007 to our present day. I regret not enjoying my true Howard experience, but I would’ve never gotten where I am today. I guess GOD had another plan for me!

BS:   Does reality shows focused on the fashion and modeling industries do justice for the reality of the industry? Would you encourage people who are interested in pursuing a career in modeling to use these shows as a tool to enhance their skills and educate their selves?

Bianca Chardei:  When entering any industry, education and thorough research is important. When starting a career, one should look further down the road at their long term goals and dreams. Reality TV is a great platform for that, modeling is a great platform and tool to influence Young Women!

BS:  What was/is the hardest thing about being a model? Would you say the “pro’s” outweigh the “con’s”?

Bianca Chardei:  I believe it’s all how you apply yourself mentally, Every industry has it’s pros and cons….

BS:  Do you believe Black models are getting much more recognition of their work?

Bianca Chardei:  I do, more designers see the need for darker skin or women of “exotic descent”. There is a lack thereof within the industry and we are slowly but surely breaking all barriers.

BS:  What are your other area interests? What do you aspire to do in the future?

Bianca Chardei: I have quite a few things in my agenda.

1) I love food, I have an upcoming recipe book, focusing on eating for beauty!…

2) I love children; I just started an organization called Love Yourself. My program is geared towards Young Women ages 11 to 25. The main objective and mission of Love Yourself is to increase the self-esteem in young women through self-grooming, innovative and holistic activities.

3) Fashion, Writing, and Journalism. I graduated from Howard with a BA in Journalism; writing is one of my passions.

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