Talented, Cocky and Confident are a few words that are often used to describe up and coming Artist/Producer BIZNESS and he knows it too with responses like; “Yeah
I’m cocky, look past the arrogance”. But who is Bizness? Bred in the suburbs of Long Island NY, he steps into the ring of hip-hop as a confident and hungry musician. With songs like “Where I’m from”, “Jealous”, and “Cocky” you will get a better prospective of who he is as well as his artistic reflection on life growing up in the suburbs. Biz raps about both angles of the suburban life; the rich and the poor. He often express that he feels “People have Long Island confused thinking it’s all about riches”. With his hood behind him Bizness is stepping up to the challenge to make a statement and break a couple of hearts on his rise to the top.

Born June 11th half Black half Puerto Rican Ryse “Bizness” Hardy was raised in Westbury Long Island, where he and his brother renamed the town “We$tMoney” due to the fact that a lot of people in the town “get money”. Growing up Biz father was the provider for the family and he made sure his family always had the best of the best. At the age of 11 his father was incarcerated and this is when he was forced to learn about hard times. “It was rough when my dad was gone”, so to deal with his father being gone, at age 13 Biz started writing his own rhymes and formulating his own style while being heavily influenced by some of the greats; Biggie, Jay Z, Big L, and Nas. At the age of 15 Biz showed interest to the production side of music and then began to make his own beats. He learned from producers such as Dr Dre, Timbaland, The Neptunes and Swizz Beats. When asked how he formulates a track he simply states, “I come up with beats by listening to all types of music”. You can hear his different styles in various tracks. He uses a sample of Sting for his hit “Jealous” he has also created “Change Your Life” by listening to Neptunes beats. Biz says he just gets into a zone and starts to create beat from thin air, dubbing himself as “The Dancehall McGuver”.

With so much ambition and a growing business mind Bizness and his partner Mike Dynamite started their own independent record label “We$tMoney Music Group “, along with a reality show that aired in Long Island called We$tMoney TV”. During this time Bizness hooked up with an aspiring music manager named Prez. Together as a team they released Biz first mixtape “The Black Bruce Wayne”. The mixtape generated a little buzz for Bizness. So with his manager, a record label, and a successful mixtape Bizness started performing at various showcases and included opportunities to opened up for Grafh and JadaKiss. He has been on various radio interviews and promoting himself and his hood WESTMONEY. Biz linked up with DJ Scenario who now plays the role as his personal DJ. The connection was easy made due to similar work ethics that Scenario and Bizness share. DJ Scenario is also a part of ALLPRO Records, which was formed by Heavy Hitter/Ciroc Boy DJ Prostyle. DJ Scenario and Bizness work well together and it shows during Biz shows.

Currently Biz is on his grind promoting his latest mixtape entitled “THE SUBURBAN DREAM”. Through hard work and dedication two single’s (“Cocky” and “Jealous”) from his mixtape as well as his biggest freestyle “Gucci Louie Fendi” on Lloyd Banks’s hit single “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” has been aired on Power105.1 fm, one of New York’s major radio stations. The freestyle and singles has also been aired
throughout various internet radio shows such as A-list radio, Showoff Radio, and Latin Lounge Radio just to name a few. Bizness also has some of his music featured on various DJ’s mixtapes and has hosted mixtapes for DJ’s as well. He is also shopping beats to establish industry artist and local talent around his area. Biz’s love the fashion culture has allowed him to join forces with a local retail-clothing store from his neighborhood “First Class Clothing”, who is one of his sponsors. Bizness promotes the brand/store through his music, shows or any event he has. On his leisure time Bizness logs on his personal blog www.feelmybreezz.com to share his personal interest with his fans and supporters, there you can catch him talking about his love for music, Long Island, fashion, cars and dogs.

Bizness hopes one day to be signed to a major record label and through his hard work and dedication he has no doubts about that his hopes and dreams will become reality. He is determined on bringing Long Island to the forefront of hip-hop. While in pursuit of his dreams Bizness is now in the studio producing and laying down tracks for his forthcoming mixtape entitled “BBW-2”. With his impressive music and cocky demeanor Biz is ready for what the Hip-Hop world has to offer. He says “so far what I’ve done is nothing compared to what I’m going to do”. Ryse “Bizness” Hardy has no intentions with only sticking to music side of the industry; he has expressed interest in modeling and clothing design. Bizness is ready and willing to conquer it all. “It’s not a matter of time, the time is now”.

Q&A With Bizness (COMING SOON!)

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