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“DOUBLE THE TROUBLE”- The Harris Twins

The Harris Twins

Alex Harris and Andrew Harris known in the industry as “The Harris Twins” are newest dynamic duo in the modeling industry. They are trailblazers for African American twin models.

The Harris Twins were not always the coolest kids in school. In fact, growing up in Indiana they had no friends, no invites to events, and well fashion did not seem to be their friend. They only had themselves and they had to make it work. Their unique “Double” look made them standout in school. They were forced to create their own category of “Cool”. When your mirror image is your handsome twin brother, why would you need anyone else? The twins may have gone unnoticed in the hallways but in the modeling industry, they are making major moves and shining like industry jewels.

Their unwillingness to conform created an exciting drive for fashion. Their unique flair led them to a chance opportunity in the modeling industry. The Harris Twins introduction to the modeling world came after being introduced to the editors of NV Magazine based in New York City. From there the twins had their first celebrity photo shoot and graced the pages with singer Michelle Williams for April issue of NV magazine. The shoot soon led them to Los Angeles to meet celebrity photographer, Jerris Madison. Their faces were then featured on the cover of the October issue of The Shoot. The twins then went on to work in Baltimore, Maryland with celebrity photographer, Michael Antonio and celebrity designer, Stevie Boi. The twins have an impressive portfolio for being in the industry for less than 2 years.

The Harris Twins’ modeling inspirations come from each other. They risked a lot to venture off to New York City to pursue there dreams. Having reached over 100,000 miles on their car, traveling back and forth from Atlanta, to Baltimore, to Virgina, to Connecticut, to Indiana ect. It was a struggle for them to get stable, having to go through homelessness, sleeping in their car for weeks at a time, and being scammed left and right for what they were led to believe was the truth. But they stayed strong and are still working hard to reach their never ending goals in the industry.

The Harris Twins’ modeling career is taking them to new heights. They are no longer the ugly ducklings. They have been in a number of fashion shows. They recently became the new faces of ENYCE Clothing Co. and were featured in the feb/mar 2011 issue of The SOURCE MAGAZINE as models for the ENYCE ad Campaign, which was also a billboard Vegas. They ripped the runway on 2011’s BET’S RIP THE RUNWAY and were also featured the June 2011 issue of Bleu magazine. The twin’s are currently preparing for New York fashion week as they grace the runways of many shows including the “Night Out w/Constance White of Essence Magazine” runway show held on June 15, 2011. The Harris Twins are something to look out for as they continue to make their way as the new face of modeling. They always say two is better than one!

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Q&A With The Harris Twins

BS: You guys are too cute! Is it hard for people to tell you two apart? Does it ever bother you?

Harris Twins: Thank you! Yes it usually hard for people to tell us apart that don’t know us. but our personalities usually differ us from one another. Once people get to know us they can easily tell us apart. It doesn’t really bother us unless we’ve known the person for a while and they still cant tell us apart. lol

BS: How did you choose modeling as a profession? Did you both agree to model? If not, how did one convince the other to do it?

Harris Twins: It all started when we met Darryl Brown. Chad Bell, Adrian Fanus, and Michelle Williams. January 21, 2009 we took the greyhound to NY, not knowing anything about it, it was the worst 18 hours of our lives, and also in the middle of the winter. It was crazy because a week prior we had the most horrible bad luck ever. when I say bad luck, I mean bad luck! For some reason everyday for that week I hurt myself in some way. One day I am running to class and I slip on the ice and bust my shoulder. I think I fractured my arm. Another day I caught an eye infection that turned my whole eye blood shot red, and ANOTHER day Andrew ended up getting a throat virus that wouldn’t allow him to talk. By the time we were ready to depart from Indiana to NYC we thought to ourselves, Is this really worth it? What if this photo shoot is a scam?
We had never been to New York, we had only heard stories about it and watched it on T.V. during new years. We were in horrible shape and didn’t know whether we should take the long trip to NY or stay home and live our regular lifestyle. We thought to ourselves, this trip to New York could change our lives. It was almost like in the matrix, we had to take the red pill or the blue pill. We made the decision to take the red pill lol. We had never been outside of Indiana, hell, we never even been on a grey hound. Not knowing what we were going to endure in this 18 hour trip, we prepared for the worst but hoped for the best. We packed everything that we needed. We finally reached NEW YORK CITY. It was a beautiful scene. We saw Times Square for the first time and met a few celebrity designers. We also went to a few “go sees”. It was great with the exception of being in a lot of pain from the week prior. We started to think, this could change our lives and we can make a huge impact.
The day before the shoot we met Adrian Fanus, celebrity barber. He thought it would be hot to blonde our hair for this particular shoot. We had the blonde hair before Chris Brown, yea that’s right. lol We never died our hair before. It was scary because we thought our hair would fall out. That whole experience was full of firsts. We kept it blonde for months, we felt like aliens when we went back to Indiana because we were the only ones with blonde hair.

BS: As young African American male models, you two are definitely raising the bar. Do you enjoy representing the Black community?

Harris Twins: Yes, We love it. We are blessed to be able to come to NY and chase our dreams. Many people wouldn’t do what we did. We had to build up a lot of courage to come to NY. We received a lot of of positive emails.

BS: Other than modeling, what other endeavors have you two delved in? Both together and individually.

Harris Twins: Together we began hosting parties. Its always fun to host a party and get paid for it. We plan on hiring a crew to do party hosting for us so we can focus more on modeling.

BS: What have been the most rewarding experience for you two?

Harris Twins: Being on BET RIP THE RUNWAY was amazing! It was our first time on national T.V.  The whole world got to see us walk and we met so many people. Another one was Being featured in an Ad for The Source Magazine.


One day we were watching Netflix, Spartacus, which is actually a really good show. LOL! We received a phone call stating that Enyce would like to use us for their ad in the new issue of  The Source magazine. We were very excited and pumped for the shoot and arrived to the shoot the next day. It was our first time in the source magazine which is a really nice office. We met a lot good people. Thanks to Kidear Youmans for booking this gig for us. A few days later we attended OJ Williams/fashion editor of The Source, birthday celebration where we met many more great people and networks which has allowed us to do so much in the last couple weeks be on the look out for the Harris Twins. The Enyce billboard will be up very soon in Vegas so anyone in Vegas who sees it please take a photo and send it toharristwinmodels@gmail.com.  Thank you everyone for your love and support 🙂

BS: Should we look out for the Harris twins in other industries?

Harris Twins: I believe so, I just got offered to do a few roles in some short films. That’s probably something we will be focusing on in the future, and more videos.

BS: Do you have any advice for any individuals who aspire to break into the modeling agency?

Harris Twins: For anyone that wants to began a modeling career, they need a little bit of guidance and I encourage all our fans to read our blog.  http://thehonestdamntruth.blogspot.com/.



AGENT: Chris Rivers/ I.M.C Model Management

Phone: (347)327-8859
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