Wesley Volcy

Dirty Bath Water is one of the most diverse, original, and exciting bands you will hear today. They play everything from Rock to Hip Hop, from jazz to Acoustic Ballads – all original music. And this band is all about the live performance. They can keep the party pumping, or bring it down to a slow and mellow vibe. Unique individual personalities, great showmanship, and refreshingly diverse music – it all adds up to the total package. And most importantly, DBW has fun when they perform, and this vibe carries over into the audience. They are not plagued by the emotionless, over-practiced yet artificial sound of many other bands. Their music is tight, yet they are loose enough to let the emotion of the crowd shape their performance.

Dirty Bath Water’s saga begun in early 2001, when Danny and Wesley met at college. They started writing songs together and performing at local coffee houses, with Wesley displaying his magnetic charisma on piano, and Danny releasing volcanic intensity on guitar. About a year later, Danny and Wesley met John (known as Fudge), who also went to the same school. He then began to play drum and beatbox with them, with a relentless mischievous energy adding to their distinct style. L.A. (known as LANSTARR), who was a long time friend of Wesley, joined DBW in mid 2003. His un-daunting mystic while playing the trumpet helped to add to the band’s unique sound and is something one rarely sees in a rock band today. Randy joined the crew in mid 2005, adding the foundation to DBW songs with his smooth bass playing. Adrian has always been around, adding a soulful spirit to DBW songs. However, in 2005 he became an offical member of the band.

The name Dirty Bath Water was at first given as a joke. This was a name that Wesley had made up for his imaginary band as a child. He thought of this name because “this was the stupidest name I could think of at the age of 9.” Danny declared that they would change the name once they thought of a better one. But now, the name has so much more meaning. You see, no matter what nationality, race, creed, or religion you are, we are all alike. After one steps out of a bathtub, what is left? Dirty Bath Water!

Q&A With Dirty Bath Water (COMING SOON!)

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ITUNES: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/atlas-ep/id365712827

MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/dirtybathwater

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/dirtybathwatertv

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