BLACK Book Reviews


Exiled to Brooklyn by Don Clitandre

Excerpts from “Exiled to Brooklyn”

“Out of great ignorance and great despair the secret vultures grew to be one of the most feared in Haitian history at that time. They became the lords of terror. We had suffered before under the French and slavery but now we had no one to blame as the international community looked upon this small island. We were now being oppressed by our own while the rest of the world was moving away from dictatorship and toward a more democratic system.” Exile to Brooklyn Chapter 2

“Haitians are born warriors; they are spiritual warriors of great caliber. The quest for change and enlightenment, the quest for freedom runs deep in the hearts and soul of all Haitians wherever they may be. Deep down, all Haitians know the real price of freedom. We know freedom is not free.” Exile to Brooklyn Chapter 3

“I remember the opening of the metal door, I remember Grandma’s presence, but what I remember the most was the sonic sounds of crickets and the cold wind of change. I felt it in the air. It was called the calm before the storm. Once captured Dad was taken to the nearest prison. Third World prisons are more like holes in the wall. He was forced into the fetal suicidal position on the floor as they began to question and beat him, several blows to the head that would almost cause him later to lose his mind.” Exile to Brooklyn Chapter 3

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