BLACK Corner


Why shouldn’t the Black community believe that race is an issue when it comes to Troy Davis’ case. It tears my heart the the injustice done to this man. How could it have been so easy to take his life? Seven out of the nine “eye witnesses” recant their testimonies. No murder weapon, and worse… no evidence.

Even if it were to give the state and the family of the police officer whose life was taken comfort to see someone blamed for the crime, I believe with the lack of evidence against this man, taking his life would be the utmost viscous crime!

I am one who is against the Death Penalty. Some ask me if it were my loved one who was killed would I have felt the same way. The answer is: I take no joy in taking a life. I’d rather the person suffer. Quite frankly, rot in prison then have a swift death. It would bring me no joy knowing that person had such an escape. To me, the act of such a penalty is barbaric for a country who claims to have been civilized.

In the eyes of the public, the state of Georgia is malicious, barbaric, and racist. It sickens me to see that a man who deserves such a sentence such as Samuel Crowe who has confessed to his heinous crimes receives a stay in his penalty, but Davis who has no evidence, no confession, no murder weapon is killed. It sickens and scares me how this day in age, the same government that was built to protect us, to justify, and defend us are the ones we are now afraid of. If the voice of the people is so important, why has a petition signed by 1,000,000 people to stay his execution make a difference? I am disappointed. I am disgusted. I am upset.

Something must be done! Troy Davis can not die in vain!

Written By: Judith Jacques


Disclaimer: All views expressed in this post is that of the author and not BLACK STREET entirely.







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