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THE GIFT OF GAB- Carla Mills-Tatum

Carla Mills

Friends and family know the “real” Carla Millsis very much like the Carla you see on the Mills Connection -charming, outgoing, and thoughtful, but also opinionated, passionate, and talkative. Originally from Philadelphia, Carla moved to Atlanta to attend Clark Atlanta University and has been a force in the community ever since. After gaining real-life experience in the business world and as a wife and mother, Carla was encouraged by friends and family to use her “gift of gab” to serve the community. Around this time, Carla was booked as a guest on a local talk show and was soon asked to take over as host. Recognizing that this was her calling in life, Carla decided to create her own show that would be dedicated to inspiring people to live better lives.

Through hard work and determination, The Mills Connection Show was born.

Q&A With Carla Mills 

BS: Please explain how you came about having your very own show? Were you faced with any obstacles? How did you overcome them?

Carla Mills:
 My degree is in Business Admin I never had any desire to be a TV Show Host. I helped a friend one day that hosted a Show called Book Talk and his Host did not show up, I took the over, and at that point in my life I never stopped. It has been 4 years now and I believe it was God and this is my calling. My life goal is to Educate,Empower and Enlighten people thru this Show. I grew up with many obstacles in my life. I never thought I could do anything and I was raised with a mother that was mentally ill. It took a long time for me to believe in myself. I know now that this is life. We all have so many things to deal with.

BS: Do you have a background in productions, communications, and/or journalism? If not, how did you educate yourself within the industry you’re currently in?

Carla Mills:
 No Background in either of those,  but I went to People TV where I film my show and I took a Producer’s and Editing course. I also learned how to operate the camera so I could better understand the concept of what I was doing. My husband Corey realized I was serious about this and we do the show together. As one of the Executive Producers, I also host the show. My Husband is the Director and he edits the show as well as handle the lighting. Everyday is a learning experience. Each show I learn more and more.

BS: Please share with us some of the most controversial topics you’ve ever discussed on you show as well as any prominent individuals who have graced your set.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Carla Mills: My goal is to change the way our people think. One topic we discussed was: The Virgin. I found a 28 year old college graduate that wanted to wait until Marriage to have sex. This show was so powerful. It raised the most important question: Why do we rush to have sex? The Audience was packed and women in the audience were crying. At the end of the show, most people were commenting that they wish they would of waited to have sex. This show was so deep that people still talk about it.  We also do a lot of topics about Human Rights, and I always have Attorneys on the show telling our men that the government is building jails for them. Most importantly we are teaching our people how to make good decisions when it comes to there money no matter what it is all about helping one another and learning to respect each other.                                           

BS: What do you hope to achieve in having such a platform?
                                                                                                                          Carla Mills: What I want to Achieve is to take over where Oprah left off we as a people have so much work to do and yes I want that 4pm Spot but most important The show is not about me but it is about all of us the regular ever day people that need hope back in there life and to show That all Black men that do not go to Jail that do take care of there families that do not have lots of Baby Moma’s and are Awesome.             

BS: What other projects should we expect from Carla Mills?                                                                                                                                                         Carla Mills
: In my future I also want to get into Politics to help change the Laws this whole Troy Davis situation really hurt me Laws need to be changed and we all need to do our Part to make the would better  

BS: What do you believe is the biggest issue within the Black community> How do you suggest we fix it?

Carla Mills: Our biggest issue is that we do not trust each other and that is the whole purpose of what I am trying to do change the way that we think I know that this will not happen overnight but I will not stop until I am dead once again please view the many Shows I have posted on You tube and also read the interview I have included and I will send some Pictures Thanks and God Bless you for thing of me !!

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5 thoughts on “THE GIFT OF GAB- Carla Mills-Tatum”

  1. While most talk shows degrade people, makes spectacles of them, and uses someone’s misfortune for their audience’s pleasure, the Mills Connection Show lifts people up and educates them. After each show that I have attended, I left feeling empowered and inspired. With such hard hitting topics, this show has the elements that television is missing. Carla truly wants to make a difference in our lives and communities. God is truly elevating you, Carla. That 4:00 spot is waiting for you.

  2. I love “The Mills Connection Show”this show is very straight-foward and honest,and empowering,I have been following the show alittle over 3 years and has seen alot of growth in the show.It has help inform me of alot of things i wasn’t aware of it has also help me in my business and peraonal life.Carla loving spirit will help change the way we see tv and talk shows.I’m looking forward to seeing how God is gonna give her Oprah’s spot and how she will impact the black community.Thanks Carla keep up the good work!.

  3. The Mills Connection Show is the only talk show I am more than willing to sit down and watch from beginning to end, and that’s saying a lot since I don’t like watching TV at all. Carla wants to help our people. She is willing to give all of herself to accomplish this. She is very passionate in her beliefs and it comes across in all the things she does. This show is one example of one of her passions, which is to make our community aware of what is happening all around them and what they can do to change things for the better. Carla is a very strong and powerful woman who will do everything in her power to see that our people are educated and encouraged to get involved to make this a better place for our families. You are awesome Carla. Keep up the great work!

  4. Congradulation on all your accomplishments.
    Keep the information coming to our Black community,
    it will help more than you will ever know.
    It feels good to personally know a celebrity.
    Much success to you.
    Jessie Boyd

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