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CASTING MOGUL- Sharon Nash Alexander

Sharon Nash Alexander

Whether producing, hosting, or writing, Sharon Nash generates excitement. Taking a simple concept and pulling together all of the elements to bring that concept to reality is not unusual for Nash. Nash possesses a remarkable ability to make something out of … well, almost nothing.


Sought after by the top TV Shows in Hollywood, Nash is considered one the foremost casting experts in the world on variety, novelty, singing, dancing and circus talent.

In 2009, Nash was the Senior Casting Producer of Ellen’s Even Bigger Really Big Show a TBS variety special starring Emmy award winner Ellen Degeneres.  Sharon promises to bring to this show and array of never seen before acts from all over the world that will knock your socks off!

Nash a 26 year veteran TV producer begun casting variety talent 5 years ago at Steve Harvey’s Big Time.  She then went on to cast the Big Break segment of Tom Joyner’s syndicated TV show.  From there it was on to America’s Got Talent the biggest talent show in the world.  Since the days of The Steve Harvey Show Nash has accumulated thousands of contacts from all of the world in her talent database.


Early in 2008 Nash wrapped her 3rd season of the hot, high rated series America’s Got Talent as the Senior Casting Producer.  In season one of America’s Got Talent she found 5 of the 10 finalists and million dollar winner, Bianca Ryan the 12 year old little girl with the big voice.  Season after season Nash and the team of producers that she oversees bring incredible new talent to the show.


July 18th Nash came from behind the camera and return to the little screen as one of ten producers on TV Guides hot reality show America’s Next Producer.


Nash began her entertainment career with an internship at KDFW Channel 4 while studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in radio, television and film. Undaunted when professors told her not to expect to ever be on television, Nash pursued her goal of being on camera. After sending out over 75 resumes and making countless cold calls, Nash was hired as a reporter in Ardmore, Oklahoma, a small community of about 26,000. Although she started out in the 175th media market, Nash reached the 65th market in 9 months as a weekend anchor/reporter for KTAL Channel 6 in Shreveport, Louisiana, and in a year and a half ascended to the 35th market in Raleigh, North Carolina as an anchor/reporter for WRAL Channel 5.


Then, at just 24 years old, Nash became the host of Beyond 2000, a top-rated, primetime, national science and technology program in Australia. The show aired in 40 countries, making Nash’s face known worldwide. As host, she trekked across the globe while managing a 4-person crew, reported on the latest technology and its effects, and wrote and produced 50 magazine stories per year. The show became so popular that it was eventually made into a board game featuring Nash’s face.


Nash returned to the United States and began working as an entertainment reporter for Group W and was featured on People Magazine on TV and Screen Scene BET. Having experienced the spotlight herself, Nash easily adapted to interviewing celebrities. She has dialogued with an “A list” of personalities including Steven Spielberg, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Jimmy Stewart, Sidney Poitier, and Elizabeth Taylor. In addition, she covered the Grammy, Emmy, and Academy Awards.


After years of being in front of the camera, Nash set her sights on writing and producing. Nash has produced for The Roseanne Show, BET’s Oh Drama! and King World Productions’ The Ananda Lewis Show. Executive producers of The Ananda Lewis Show, handpicked Nash from their team of producers to produce three shows in their premiere week. She was recognized for being the “strongest, most creative producer.” Nash also originated and produced the six- month “Marry Me” project, one of Ananda’s most successful series in which they collaborated with Brides Magazine on a major promotional event. It featured seven on-screen wedding proposals; an actual wedding and reception worth over $100,000; website viewer voting on every facet of the wedding plans; and print and television advertising. Nash’s productions elicited unprecedented viewer response, garnering her two of Ananda’s highest-rated shows.


Currently she continues to develop television, film, and other media products including board games and journals for her own independent production company, Radical Kingdom Productions.

A key project for Radical Kingdom Productions was the development of an inspirational audiotape for women. The tape was comprised of a series of uplifting messages set to music intended to encourage and refresh women. From concept to creation, this project only took weeks to complete. Her expertise is seen throughout this project as she created and wrote the entire project while over seeing the music arrangements, and marketing for this project.

With total confidence in her products, Nash has gained audiences with countless industry executives, often through cold calls. She has developed and pitched a variety of concepts for television and film projects to such studios and production companies as Paramount, UPN, Edmonds Entertainment, Buena Vista TV and NBC. She is skilled in everything from acquiring book rights for feature television… to hiring talent… to script writing.

Polished professionalism, drive, creativity, smarts, and sheer talent make Nash a producer and on-air talent of the highest order. Her track record of creative achievement and proven industry results are evidence that Nash is a fixture in and an asset to this industry.

Q&A With Sharon Nash Alexander 

BS: Please tell us what you do and what you most love about it.

Sharon Nash Alexander: I’ve been a Talk Show Producer, Casting Producer, and currently an Entertainment Consultant. I consult in regards to Reality TV Shows, Auditions, and the like. As a Casting Producer I worked with Singers, Dancers, and traveled all over the world. What I love most about it is the art, being able to discover that spark of talent and aiding people in achieving their dreams.

BS: What challenges have you been faced with? How have you overcome them?

Sharon Nash Alexander: Being in the Entertainment Industry alone has its challenges, Jobs within this industry aren’t like those in others. It’s unpredictable. Survival is all about who and what you know. It’s always a hustle to get the next job. At times I haven’t worked for a year and even two. It’s either Feast or Famine! This industry isn’t for the feeble minded. I was the first Black Australian News Anchor which was a wonderful experience, adding onto my credibility within the industry. I utilized all of my talents. My best advice to anyone who is interested in this industry is to keep reinventing themselves….or your going to starve.

BS: What advice do you have for people who are interested in the same career path?

Sharon Nash Alexander: Assess your talents, utilize your “connections”, make alot of “cold calls”, make and keep beneficial relationships, and lastly KEEP PUSHING! In college one of my professors told me and my class that we most likely wont be successful in broadcast and we should take the corporate productions route instead, I KNEW he wasn’t talking to me. Since the tender age of four I can remember envisioning myself within the entertainment business, maybe not as elaborate and detailed as now, but I wanted to achieve this goal since then. I even remember writing short stories. At the age of thirteen, I remember walking through the snow and made a promise to myself that I’d live in LA one day and sure enough, I’ve been living here for twenty-six years.

BS: What changes do you believe we should begin working on within the Black Community?

Sharon Nash Alexander: Everything starts with the man in the mirror, you. We should begin making the changes within our families, our marital status’, and event the way we’re bring up our children. We should hold accountable to the choices we make and the ripple effect they may have to our community.

BS: What should we expect next from Sharon Nash Alexander?

Sharon Nash Alexander: My goal is to one day become a Media Mogul such as Tracy Edmonds and Mara Brock Akil. I want to tell stories that would positively impact the lives of my viewers. I want to make them think, make them feel, and even create change. I want to work on a few books, short stories, and even one hour sitcoms.

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