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Kissable Lips

Are you walking around with dry cracked lips? Are those “special formulated” lip balms not cutting it for you? Well, I have a quick tip that will get your lips in tip top shape for this cold weather! Best part is, it’s DIY (Do -It-Yourself) with products I am sure you already have in your home! Let’s get started!

Products you will need:

  1. 1 tbsp Sugar (any kind will work)
  2. 1 tsp Honey
  3. 1 tsp Vaseline

Mix those three ingredients together into a small container and VOILA!!!…there goes your lip scrub. We always exfoliate our face, but we tend to forget that our lips also has sensitive skin on it too. So it is just as important to exfoliate our lips as it is for our faces.

After you applied the scrub onto your lips, leave it on for about 10 minutes, then wipe it off with a paper towel. Next apply your favorite lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. Do this 2-3 times a week, or as often as you please to 🙂

I hope this helps you all and enjoy your soft kissable lips!

Remember to stay beautiful…Inside and Out.


Written By: Ashlyn Morovee


Disclaimer: All views expressed in this post is that of the author and not BLACK STREET entirely.

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