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V.I.P ACCESS GRANTED- Tiffany Watkins & Dr. Aletha Warren

Tiffany Watkins & Dr. Aletha Warren

Words are powerful. There are times in everyone’s life when they need a word and strategy to point them in the direction that will cause them to soar beyond normalcy. These words and strategies are the epitome of Dr. Aletha Warren and Tiffany C. Watkins, the corporate sisters better known as the VIP Ladies of Business.

Dr. Aletha Warren is an expert coach, mentorship facilitator and trainer. She provides tools and creates atmospheres where all levels of an organization are involved in finding common ground, and creating a work place and a future they are committed to. She specializes in collaborating with clients for win-win solutions in the areas of strategic, organizational learning, culture change, team development, diversity inclusion,
executive coaching and leadership development.

Tiffany Watkins is a personal development specialist and Master Mentor, who speaks at seminars, conferences and facilitates ‘Success’ workshops. She has a strong passion to assist in the empowerment of women and men for wholeness, wellness, success, spirituality and balance. Tiffany is described as “an outstanding” contributor to the personal development industry and is a dynamic inspirational speaker and vocalist.

Together, these young ladies from Oakland, CA have developed strategies to create a platform for success to all those who have a desire to achieve more without being limited to the “status quos” of life. Together, they have written a book to be released in November 2011, and a curriculum they have written for their life coaching
program called V.I.P. Access Granted, an acronym for Vision, Identity, and Purpose. They teach skillful practical techniques with the goal of pointing their clients in direction of grasping their vision, knowing their identity, and living in purpose.

V.I.P. Access Granted topics include personal and career development, leadership coaching, emotional intelligence, vocal coaching and much more. To sponsor an event or for upcoming events and more information about VIP Access Granted, log onto or call 1-888-885-8817.

Q&A With the V.I.P. Ladies 

BS: How did the two of you meet? When did you decide to build a business together? Has it been a challenge being that there is two different personalities, ideas, and views?

VIP: Dr. Aletha Warren and I met about 13 years ago through a mutual friend.We also decided to room in college, and to our surprise, our dorm room was always filled with students who wanted advice. Of the people that actually did what we suggested, we saw overwhelming success in their lives. We knew then we had a gift to help people. A bit after graduation and pursuing individual careers, we were both laid off. We decided to begin a company to help individuals achieve their “best lives” and make money from doing what they loved to do. This is our passion.

Yes, having 2 personalities…2 strong personalities…had its share of challenges. One couldn’t understand why the other chose to do things the way she did. We finally realized in our business relationship that where one was weak in a given area, the other was strong. This is why we are successful. We celebrate each others strengths and fill in the gaps where we can when it comes to weakness. That’s how we find our unity in our business.

BS: What was the common goal in creating V.I.P. Access Granted?

VIP: The common goal in VIP Access Granted is people. We love helping a generation find out who they are, why they are here, and how to be successful loving what they do. People living and loving their lives is the key. It is possible…no matter what situation one comes from or is presently in to love their lives and occupations.

BS: As women, and women of color, do you find that there is a glass ceiling in regards to business growth and opportunities? If so, what do you do to break through it?

VIP: As women of color, yes, there are glass ceilings. Racism does exist. So does stereotyping. So what do we personally do about them: Ignore them. In our minds, glass ceilings do not exists. This is why we see the success we do. We constantly condition our minds just as an athlete conditions their body: success statements, teachings, positive affirmations and more. As a result, we experience and see what we genuinely believe.

BS: What other obstacles have you faced? How have you overcame them?

VIP: Two obstacles: 1.Belief with little to no support: There were times that very few could see the potential in our of our business. We moved forward because WE believed and only surrounded ourselves with the one or two that believed.  2. Lack of finances. There were times that we did not have enough finances to make the next business move. However, where we lacked in finances, we never lacked in faith, or ideas to make money. When you use what you have in your hand, you will not be disappointed.

BS: How important is it in your opinion for women of color to delve into entrepreneurship? Is this risk worthwhile?

VIP: It is extremely important for women of color to delve into entrepreneurship. We are powerful, we are strong, unique, and influential beyond what we know. Many times, we do not truly find out what’s in us until we actually DO what is in us. We have to begin somewhere…and many times our own defeat is within our minds. This is where we fail or succeed first. Success is in the state of mind. We must think success, and as a result we become products of our thoughts. There is money to be made; success to be experienced; and life to enjoy. This is why entrepreneurship is imperative for women of color. It’s our time.

BS: What other ventures have you delved in? Any upcoming projects?

VIP: We have a number of projects. We recently wrote a book Access Granted: The VIP Principal that Guarantees Success that highlights time tested success principals that we have taught over the years. In addition, this Spring, we will be releasing our affirmations book, which includes many of the principals we have used in our own success. Lastly we will be hosting an event for our consulting business this month. This company focuses on start up, small, and medium, size business consulting, music artistry consulting, and more.

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