Brelyn Freeman
Brelyn Freeman is the youngest daughter of Drs. Mike and Dee Dee Freeman. An example both spiritually and naturally, Brelyn has exemplified wisdom and a commitment to serving God that surpasses her age. Because of her passion and stand for Christ, as well as her willingness to honor her parents, Brelyn is living the good life. Ministering the Word of God with simplicity and power, she strives to continue to live a life that others can follow. Brelyn is the founder and CEO of Breezyz Accessories. A brick and mortar accessories store located in Waldorf, MD, she has expanded her desire for entrepreneurship to include an online site as well ( In addition to her pursuits outside of the ministry, Brelyn is a Director of the Single’s Ministry, a Floor Director assisting the Audio and Media ministries and a true servant at heart. Committed to remaining a virgin until marriage, Brelyn Freeman is simply put, a young woman who loves God and is committed to fulfill His assignment for her life.
Q&A With Brelyn Freeman

BS: It is admirable to see such a young black woman as an entrepreneur! How old are you?

Brelyn Freeman: Thank you, I am 18!

BS: Black women are faced with obstacles? Has it been a challenge being your age and taken seriously as an entrepreneur?

Brelyn Freeman: It has been a challenge for me at times, not with everyone, just a certain few. If you stick to what you know and have confidence about it, after awhile, it won’t phase you!

BS: How did you come up with the idea of Breezy’z? How long since your grand opening?

Brelyn Freeman: Well the name came from my Grandaddy when I was a little girl he would call me Breeze, and I always loved accessories so I decided to provide Fashionable Affordable chic accessories! It’s been about two months now since our Grand Opening.

BS: What advice do you have for anyone who wants to venture towards a similar goal?

Brelyn Freeman: I would say find out what exactly it is you want to do, write it down and set goals for yourself. Find someone in the same field that you can look up to and watch them closely. Successful people always leaves clues. Keep your head up no matter how old or young you are anything is possible. You can make it happen! Lastly, if no one else believes in you believe in yourself.

BS: What next should we expect from Brelyn Freeman?

Brelyn Freeman: Next from Brelyn: You can expect a children’s jewelry line from Breezyz,and another book this coming summer!


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3 thoughts on “BREEZYZ ACCESSORIES CEO & OWNER- Brelyn Freeman”

  1. I live in Waldorf, MD and have recently noticed Breezy’s, I’m am an Assessory Girl, and wondering are you currently closed because I’ve come by several times and the store was not opened. Holla Back! (Smile)

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