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Phil Andrews

Phil Andrews is President of the 100 Black Men of Long Island. Founded in 1974, “The 100″ serves as an international coalition focused on creating educational opportunities, promoting economic empowerment, addressing health disparities and creating positive mentoring relationships.

As founder of P.A. Public Relations Company, Phil has been afforded the privilege to serve as Public Relations Director for a myriad of companies, community initiatives and professional organizations. He has served on the Public Relations Committee for the Harlem Book Fair on Long Island and as Public Relations Committee Member of the New York Metro Black MBA Association and the 100 Black Men of Long Island.

Phil’s work has been featured in multi-platform publications including Black Star News, The New York Beacon, Amsterdam News, Minority Business Review, The Network Journal and more. He is also featured in “15 Years of Minority Business Development” a book published by Mr. Robert Adams. Mr. Andrews is listed in Who’s Who in Black America and International Who’s Who. He has also received a number of proclamations and citations from notable political officials.

Community, Service and Education have been constant themes in his life.  Phil was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York’s Marcy Housing Development and attended Brooklyn Technical High School. After serving several years in the US Navy and Army Reserves, attending York College and John Jay College, he graduated from paralegal school and began a nearly twenty year career in law enforcement.

Andrews’ drive is a profound concern for his community. This has led him to serve on several Boards of Directors including—the Roosevelt Chamber of Commerce, Roosevelt Kiwanis and the West Indian Chamber of Commerce as the Public Relations Director. Mr. Andrews owns the Power Networking Business Seminar Series, a business network that builds viable connections between community and business.

He continues to build networks in and across many industries but none more important than that of the education and mentorship of young people. As a Certified Mentor, Phil Andrews’ goals involve encouraging as many promising young men as possible by compelling them to serve with the very best of their minds and talents.

Q&A With Phil Andrews

BS: Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in Public Relations?

Phil Andrews: I was doing PR as a hobby for many years for various organizations, and became known to be very great at it long before I began to think of it as a career. I love working with people, exerting influence, and helping to build businesses. I read somewhere that some of the greatest people that we know in the world are often great communicators and massive communicators, and the idea resonated with me.  I was sold on the idea that my talent and calling could help magnify others when our calling was combined.

BS: Was it a rewarding one?

Phil Andrews: Yes, I have so many clippings and a high rate of placements in publications across the country.  When the work that I have done is looked back on many years from now, I know it will inspire others to greatness.

BS: How did you build your brand?

Phil Andrews: Each day I look at my life like the stock market, everything you do in life will either increase or decrease your value. So we have to be ever so careful about the things we say, do, and the promises we make and the commitments we make as our brand reputation has to be managed.

BS: How important is education to you?

Phil Andrews: Education is extremely important, and it ranks up there with oxygen as we live in an increasingly complex world and it will only become more difficult to succeed without it.

BS: How much of a role did education have in your success?

Phil Andrews: I am an avid reader of books since childhood.  I believe both self education, and institutional education enhances our ability to think about life choices in a broader manner.  Education to me is a lifelong pursuit.  Education is a way to invest in ourselves, and no one can take that away from you or limit your potential in this area.  Education’s definition is said to Educe, and the root meaning of Educe is to bring out what is already inside of you.  So for that reason we should thank God for Education, for it allows us to fulfill our greatest potential.

BS: What were three of the most important lessons that you have learned over the history of your career?

Phil Andrews: Show up with your (A) game every day, and your gifts will make room for you in life.  You must study to be great in your field, and along with study your will need activity knowledge. We learn from both experience and book knowledge and both are equally valuable.

BS: What motivates you during difficult times?

Phil Andrews: In Chinese there is a saying that in crisis there is opportunity.  I like challenges, how fun would life be if we did not have a great challenge that forced us to find untapped potential in life.

BS: Was there ever a time when you felt defeated?

Phil Andrews: No!

BS: What are your thoughts on mentoring?

Phil Andrews: At each and every stage of our life we can benefit from the experience of having a mentor.

BS: Did it have an impact on your life?

Phil Andrews: Yes, we did not call it mentoring back then as there were an abundance of what we now call mentors.  I was fortunate to have great role models such as aunts, uncles, and older men who took the time to show me and tell me things that made me think about life in a different manner.

BS: Congratulations on your current position as president of 100 Black Men on Long Island.  What do you enjoy most about this aspect of your career?

Phil Andrews: I enjoy leading the charge to get more African American Men involved in our For the Future Mission of Education, Mentoring, Health and Wellness and Economic Empowerment.  I believe it is not enough to work at a job, and not be committed to working in the community. My personal goal is to leave a legacy of service to those who are coming behind us in the future. All successful communities have community based organizations that are providing services that the government and business community do not provide. We have a unique opportunity to be of service and exercise leadership, complete leadership in making a difference with our time, ability, and resources.

BS: What is the secret to your success?

Phil Andrews: We must be fully committed and give 100% effort even when our deeds are not in the limelight.

BS: Why do you have such a passion for the community?

Phil Andrews: Finding our unique passion in life is our reason for being, I am so happy and content in life to have been given the opportunity to operate in an area where I am fully invested in the input I give and the output I receive through my efforts in the area of leadership.

BS: What is something that most people do not know about you?

Phil Andrews: I am an extraordinary public person, but I do enjoy retiring in the silence and reading a great book and sometimes I just take the time to be still.  It is said that when we be still we will know God!

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