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Walethia Aquil: Speaker~International Author~Entrepreneur~Philanthropist

Walethia Aquil

“Transforming Professionals From Invisible To Impeccable”

Walethia Aquil, CEO of Grace and Charm is a dynamic ball of innovative fire that can help you jump start your business and your brand via her Grace and Charm Success System signature products.

Her mission is to “Create powerful professional brands by taking professionals from invisible to impeccable within a competitive marketplace that generates business building results.”

For over 25 years, she has coached business leaders and teams, politicians, entertainers, beauty pageant winners, and society’s elite. She has helped thousands to boost their confidence, improve their bottom lines, business and personal relationships via television, radio, seminars, personal coaching.

In addition to being a certified Image and Etiquette/Protocol Consultant, she is a former instructor for the John Robert Powers International Finishing School, coach for the Ms. Michigan Beauty Pageant, image consultant for the Urban League, and an Ambassador for Dudley Beauty Corp, LLC.

Walethia Aquil believes in serving and giving back to her community.  In an effort to help alleviate the finical and peer pressure high school senior girls experience, My Dreams Do Come True was created.  My Dreams do Come True’s mission is to offer donated new and used formal gowns to deserving high school girls.

Walethia has authored the highly anticipated book, Women Who Win: Business Etiquette Tactics that Lead to Success in Life and Business.-Fall 2010.

•   Co-Author of Sister to Sister: A Guide for African American Girls ( July 2011)

•   Co-Author Madam CEO: How to Think and Act Like a Chief Executive ( December 2011)

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•   Instructor The Global Institute

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•   Protocol School of Washington

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•   Nxphase – The Global Institute of Enterprise Development

Q&A With Walethia Aquil

BS: What inspired you to create Grace and Charm?

Walethia Aquil: When I was growing up, I was really shy and insecure. I knew that if I was struggling with a lack of social skills and success, others were also. I wanted to create something useful to help others, so they wouldn’t struggle as I did.

BS: What catapulted its success?

Walethia Aquil: Hard work, networking, getting out and connecting with the right people, staying in tune with the market, watching trends, utilizing social media, being active in the community, and networking out of my comfort zone have all helped my success.

BS: Which of the Grace and Charm Success System signature products do you use most often to jump-start a business or brand?

Walethia Aquil: Well, the product that I use depends at where the prospective clients are with their career. I’ll meet with them initially to assess their needs, and if we’ll mesh together well as a team. From there, we’ll determine what their goals are, and I’ll tailor a program to their specific industry. I have many different tools that can be used to create a unique and fulfilling experience for each client.

BS: Where did you gain your extensive knowledge of branding and its importance? What are two methods that you use to take professionals from “invisible to impeccable”?

Walethia Aquil: Of course, through education and training, I’m a graduate of the Washington School of Protocol and The John Robert’s Modeling and Finishing School. I continuously hone my skills and knowledge. I also invested in a coach. These things, along with my own experience, have enabled me to create skills and strategies that became my Grace and Charm Success System.

The first method I use to take professionals from “invisible to impeccable” is the assessment. It helps me to deal with the person’s needs–even though they’re in business, I deal with the person. My clients have to trust me. Next, we deal with the person’s mindset. Dealing with how people think about themselves comes first, and then we work on external concerns. I find that once we deal with the client’s self esteem, their confidence always goes up.

BS: Throughout the history of your career, what were some significant challenges that you faced? How did you overcome them? Do you feel that your race or gender had any effect on your success?

Walethia Aquil: In terms of significant challenges that I faced, I would say differentiating myself in the market is a huge challenge, which I overcome by educating myself and having a coach, reaching out to other experts, and building a team around myself to support me. My other biggest challenge is that people don’t really see the value of a coach. I overcome that by changing my brand to better accommodate my clients’ potential needs.

As far as race and gender affecting my success, I’m sure that it has in some way, but I don’t allow it to stop me, because I believe that what I have to offer is of value to everyone.

BS: What motivated you to create My Dreams Do Come True for high school students? How many high schools have benefited from the organization’s contributions? Where can we get more information?

Walethia Aquil: I created My Dreams Do Come True for high school students from my own personal experience. I grew up in a household where resources weren’t there, and I had no way to overcome being shy and insecure. In terms of impact, I would say that at least ten high schools have benefited from the organization’s contributions, although that number is just an estimate–many more schools are requesting our services each year. To get more information about Grace and Charm, you may call me toll free at (888) 610-3746, or email me at

BS: How do you continue to develop yourself and your brand?

Walethia Aquil: I develop myself and my brand by continually going to workshops and seminars, as well as networking with others, both inside and outside my industry.

BS: What drives you to help others?

Walethia Aquil: I have experienced first hand the impact of not having social skills and having social skills, and it does make a difference in the way people perceive you, the amount you can charge for your products or services and the quality of people you associate with.

I don’t want anyone to have the pain and embarrassment of not knowing what to do in social situations. That belief drives me to help others.

BS:  What is one important lesson that life and/or experience has taught you?

Walethia Aquil: I love this quote by Maya Angelou: ” I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” People can be so mean today! I just believe that we need to bring civility back to our communities, our businesses, and to the world.

BS: How important are education and mentoring to one’s success?

Walethia Aquil: That is so important! I wish I had taken advantage of some of the mentors I had while growing up. For me, it would have shortened the learning curve. I learned so many lessons the hard way, both personally, and professionally.

Personally, I feel that business have a moral obligation to give back to the community.


Walethia Aquil

1 (866) 610-3746

1 (810) 732-2198




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