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Greetings Everyone,


As I’m writing this note, I am overwhelmed by the feeling of gratitude and gratefulness that I have towards EVERYONE who has taken part of making BLACK STREET’s First Year Anniversary such a success! I dont know where to even begin…


First I thank our Honorees: Beverly Bond, Sen. Kevin Parker, Midwin Charles, Phil Andrews, for gracing us with their presence! You are all doing GREAT things within the BLACK community. We appreciate the positivity in which you daily exude in your activities. I hope BLACK STREET, in some way, showed you on behalf of the Black community how much we appreciate you.


I must thank my Moderators: Michael Pierre & Chasity Saunders. Thank you for your lively spirit, your humor that kept the audience entertained, your patience with my many changes, and most of all your professionalism. I hope this was a wonderful experience for you as so many of the great experiences you both have had prior.


Thank you to my Sponsors: Statefarm for filling our goodiebags with eveyday items (I’ve already used up a packet of the tissues…lol), Desilu Sweets with the beautiful and delicious cupcakes with the BLACK STREET logo spead across them, FabiPops with the delicious and oh so wonderfully made cake pops, Fabrice Armand aiding us un attaining the beautiful Gild Hall Hotel as well as Gild Hall for hosting our first year, Nadege Fleurimond Catering for her delicious guava patties(She also has a wonderful catered RED CARPET event next week 4/21! Please contact me for more information!), and finally….our Media Sponsor DPVN– Kori Raishon, Ashlei Stevens, Latesia Horton words can not explain how grateful I am to have you be a partner to us. The moments you’ve captured will forever stay with us because of your participation. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To the Entertainers: Ebony L. Ross & the TPHP Soldiers for your beautiful addition to giving God praise (Cause we know He deserves it), Lance Drummonds for your beautiful serenade, Jeanette Berry for your soulful and sultry sound, and The Paxtons for having us bumpin’ (yea… I said it), and finishing strong! You all we wonderful and entertaining!!!!


To the individuals who made this event even possible: Valerie Benjamin Desir for you financial backing, driving me all around, placing your life on hold to come to my rescue, and uplifitng me mostly. To Lexine Emille for aiding me with the performances, the sponsors, the documents, the running around, the headaches and all else. To Nadege J Williams for risking your career, and coming to support, and the willingness to help in any way possible. To Makens Attis the sound technician that made sure everything went great with sound, and music. To Jasmine Stewart who held the fort down even through the madness. The Photographers, Ralph Verno, Peuge Benjamin(I know you came to just enjoy yourself and I had you working, I’m sorry! Thanks sooo much), and Naphtali McKenly thank you for capturing the most special moments of our day. To Jihan Antoine, thank you for being a huge supporter and dealing with my last minute requests and getting it done! DJ Clean, thank you for coming and creating a wonderful vibe, I absolutely enjoyed your spin (I’m sure the guests did as well!) Emma Desulme and Debbie Beauvil… you girls ROCK I am lucky to have you guys as supporters!!!!! AND thank you all for dealing with me. I appreciate each and every one of you!


To our empowering and uplifting speakers Fabrice Armand & Roy Paul… THANK YOU  for your uplifting words.


To Alexis Fowler, thank you for designing such a beautiful symbol that represents the BLACK STREET brand!


And finally to my guests, my friends, my family, and supporters (Including those that wanted to come but couldnt because of conflicts within their schedules) You all played a CRUCIAL part in this event being a success (Specially you YAYA REY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Thank you for coming out on a beautiful Friday night and making 4/13/2012 being such a memorable day!!! I look forward to seeing you ALL (and all others) at future BLACK STREET events! 🙂


Even if I tried, I don’t think there would be enough words that can explain how grateful and thankful I am… thank you all! I hope I didn’t forget anyone this time… 🙂


I hope you all are relaxing and enjoying your weekend!


All the best,


Judith Jacques


PS- Photo’s and Videos Coming Soon! In the meantime, visit our Media Sponsor’s page for teasers at!!! 🙂


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