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Haiti’s Flag Day

Since May 18, 1803 Haiti has observed the day as Haitian Flag Day.   It is a major national holiday that is celebrated throughout the country. The  Haitian American Community never cease to pay homage to their motherland. They remember the struggles of their ancestors, ones such as Toussaint Louvertue and Jean-Jacques Dessalines in the fight for freedom, making Haiti the first Black Country to gain their independence.

Since 1803, the Haitian flag went through many changes in color and position. It wasn’t until 1986 after the reign of Jean-Claude Duvalier that the Haitian Flag was reverted back to the flag we see today. The Haitian flag is a bi-color of blue on the top and red underneath. The colors represent the union of blacks and mulattoes. The coat if arms are located in the center with a white background. It also contains a palm tree flanked by two cannons above a scroll with the words  L’UNION FAIT LA FORCE in translation Union Makes Strength.  This motto was proven during the devastating times of the 2010 earthquake. The people rallied together to help one another through their most trying times. The Haitian people are still trying rebuild their country with the help of their government and foreign aide. Today we would like to celebrate along with Haiti because strength does come from union. Happy Haitian Flag Day!

Written by: Valerie Benjamin-Desir

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