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Police Officer Kicks Pregnant Woman

Raven Dozier is a young woman who resides in DeKalb County Georgia.  She recently gave birth to a premature baby.  While it is never desirable, it is not uncommon for a baby to be born before it is full term. What is unusual about Ms. Dozier’s early delivery is that she did so after she was violently kicked in the stomach by a DeKalb County police officer.  She was present during a domestic dispute that involved her brother and another party.  She attempted to calm her brother down and the police officers decided to taze him.  Dozier, startled, questioned the officer about the necessity of the tazing and was kicked in the stomach.

The officer claims that she approached him aggressively and that he used a maneuver that they were taught at the academy and what he did was in line with policy.  Obviously the DeKalb County Police Department agreed with the officer because they dismissed all complaints that were filed by Raven Dozier, claiming the officer did nothing wrong.  He claims he was unaware that the woman was pregnant when he decided to give her “a front push kick to the abdomen”.

Ms. Dozier was eight months pregnant at the time of the incident. Her stomach was bruised and after a trip to the emergency room it was discovered that the baby defecated inside the womb as a result of the trauma from the blow to the mother’s stomach.  Two weeks later, she gave birth prematurely to her son Levi who is thankfully healthy.   After several complaints, the police officer responsible has finally been place under investigation. 

Written by: Kika Ramsay

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