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Barbara De Laleu

Barbara De Laleu joined Access 1 Communications as the Corporate Digital Marketing Specialist in April 2011. She is a part of the new company division marketing team responsible for ensuring brand consistency as well as messaging alignment across all of Access 1.

During her time in radio, De Laleu has worked across several airwaves throughout New York’s radio stations, including Cox Media Group Long Island 106.1 WBLI, Inner-City Broadcasting Corporation WBLS FM and WLIB AM, 1600AM WWRL and producing programs for WBAI 99.5. She was also the 2008 Honoree of the American Women in Radio and Television Annual “25 Women Who RULE in Sales & Marketing”, awarded as the 2008-2009 recipient of American Women in Radio and Television’s BELL (Bringing Excellence at a Local Level) AWARD. Ms. De Laleu formerly served on the Board of Directors as the Vice President, Programming Committee Chair, and Membership Committee Chair for Alliance for Women in Media, the New York City Chapter, (formerly known as American Women in Radio and Television). Prior to joining Access 1, De Laleu was an Affiliate Relations Representative for the critically acclaimed Dr. Laura Schlessinger Program.

De Laleu holds two Master degrees, a Master of Arts in the Media Studies Program and a Master of Science in Organizational Change Management both from New School University in New York City. She received her BS in Communication Arts from St. John’s University Queens Campus in 2005.

Recently, Ms. De Laleu’s latest venture includes the launching of her new consulting, strategic marketing, and PR company Best on The Scene. She is hands on with her clients playing the main role of consultant and publicist, focusing on her diverse clientele who range in their professional fields – from performing arts to politics. Some of her clients include: New York City based company Hip Hop Dance Conservatory Repertory and Miss Black USA 2010 Osas Ighodaro. In addition, Ms. De Laleu co-founded a New York City based networking group called B.A.N.G. (Big Apple Networking Group) with celebrity photojournalist Kimberly Butler. B.A.N.G. is a not-for-profit organization geared towards using speed networking techniques that set up effective opportunities for women in all industries to expand their networking skills, build on business deal, or a provide an avenue change in career paths – connecting with each other in a New York minute, or a provide an avenue change in career paths – connecting with each other in a New York minute.

De Laleu is off to Buenos Aires Argentina during the summer of 2012 to do extensive research on urban environmental community development and media and plans to start on her doctoral degree work in the Fall of 2013.

Q & A with Barbara De Laleu

BS: What made you want to pursue a career in Communications?  When did you notice your interest in that field?

Barbara De Laleu: I pursued a career in Communications because I naturally gravitated towards the radio industry and its many impactful and legendary voices.  I was interested in creating moments with people, giving back, and sharing stories. I believed that radio was one of the ways to accomplish this!

BS: Has mentoring played an integral part in your life?  How has it impacted your career?

Barbara De Laleu: I have been blessed to both have and be a mentor, so I would say it is the primary driving force of my career and personal life.  I believe in always having a firm support system that will give you strength and contribute to your growth in your career path as a leader and a person.  All of my mentors have been instrumental in my success and confidence in executing past, present, and future ventures.

BS: What are two of the most important lessons that you have learned throughout your career in Media Communications and Broadcasting?  How did those lessons help you to progress in your field?

Barbara De Laleu: Two lessons I have learned throughout my career in Media is to never be afraid to ask for help and that I will always be learning.  These lessons helped me to build stronger networks as well as be a more effective networker.

BS: What was your inspiration behind the launching of your new consulting, strategic marketing, and PR company “Best on The Scene” ?

Barbara De Laleu: It was actually an idea that came from a co-worker of mine at WBLS FM..she repeatedly kept telling me how I was the best at connecting people, being resourceful, and promoting others, then continued by saying I should start a company based off of my natural abilities.  I thought long and hard and said “Why not!”  I always believed that anyone should be able to turn what they love  into a career opportunity!  So I came to a firm realization and proceeded to execute my plan accordingly.

BS: How important is education to you?  What effect did it have on your career?

Barbara De Laleu: No one can ever take your education away from you.  I am a proud graduate of St. John’s University Queens Campus and two time Master’s degree graduate from New School University’s schools of Media Studies and Milano School of Management and Urban Policy.  I will also be pursuing a doctoral degree in the Fall of 2013.  Education has enriched my life and academic experiences immensely as well as kept me thoroughly disciplined.  I am strong, determined, and ambitious because of the knowledge gained from my professors and fellow peers.  The learning experience both in and outside the classroom have definitely prepared me for my ultimate career goals.  I will always look back and be proud that I never gave up on my academic journey along with all of the hard work I put in.

BS: What are some of the challenges that you had to overcome?  How did you get through those difficult times?

Barbara De Laleu: I would say some challenges have been dealing with the current changing landscape of radio.  It’s not the business it used to be which makes it even harder to survive, but thankfully, the support system I have in and out of my professional arena has prepared me for the best and worst.  I am always in the routine of keeping myself “in the know” especially when it comes to the radio industry.

BS: What inspires you to keep going and reach for new heights? What drives you?

Barbara De Laleu:The opportunities I can create for others is the greatest inspiration.  I sincerely love to see others succeed at what they love to do.  To be able to create an outlet for our future leaders of tomorrow and see them produce and execute their plans would be an amazing accomplishment for me and my community.  The legends before me drives me, the nay-sayers (or as most would refer to as “haters”) drive me, the onlookers, motivators, and close family and friends drive me.  The little voice in my head and constant beats in my heart when I think of radio drive me to succeed. Most importantly, the impact of my voice and what I have to say and how it directly affects others motivates me to keep moving forward.  Lastly, two words, an unforgettable name, and giant inspiration:   HAL JACKSON.

BS: How do you develop your brands?

Barbara De Laleu: You want to hear something funny?  I leave that up to my audience/my supporters!  They believe in me as much as I believe in myself, so when I go out there and represent myself I do it authentically and stay true to who I am—that’s important because there are people (young, old, black, white, female, male) looking up to you as a role model whether you are trying to be one or not.  I am active on my social networks (facebook, twitter, foursquare, instagram, skype), I am entertain on the air on my radio show, and I educate one-on-one with people I come in contact with daily.  I keep that social behavior consistent and I do it with a beautiful SMILE.

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