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BLACK Cuisine: American Grown

Chicago Grown White House.

She’s a lawyer, community outreach worker, wife to the first African American president and now making her literal debut of the critically acclaimed book “American Grown.”
If you haven’t guessed it… It’s Michelle Obama.

“American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America” The First Lady celebrates healthy eating and gardening. From the beginning Michelle has been WOWing the American people by using freshly home grown produce as opposed to store bought or canned to challenge all of America to turn around a troubling trend in children’s health by putting an end to the epidemic of childhood obesity, hence the campaign “Let’s Move” exercise initiative.

The book is broken down into four categories to depict each season. With recipes from the White House chefs, tips for planting a garden, stories narrated by Mrs. Obama and many colorful eye popping pictures.

All proceeds are donated to The National Park Foundation for programs that promote gardening, healthy eating and to help care for the White House garden.

I confess, I’ve never attempted to plant my own produce but after reading the benefits of nurturing into existence the foods I put in my body, I’m ready to start my own mini garden.

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