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Sam DeSalu

Sam DeSalu

Raised on the south side of Chicago, Sam has built an impressive future for himself. Realizing that he needed to relocate in order to jump-start his career in fashion, he moved to the fashion capital, New York. When he finally settled in, Sam’s career quickly took off. His skill and vision easily caught the attention of top stylists and celebrities. He began assisting major celebrity stylists with photo shoots, event styling and television appearances which eventually led to the recognition of his talent and impelled others to want to work with him and use his vision.

Sam’s relationship with clients and designers continues to build and his reputation flourish. He began to style for BET’s 106 and Park Terrence J under the supervision of Micheal Barnett, which later led to him styling for BET events such as the BET awards. Some of the past and current people Sam has worked with include Tyrese, Ginuwine, Day26, Ryan Leslie, Kate Shindle, Truxury Magazine, Seven Tribes Magazine,Obvious Magazine and Honey Magazine to name a few.

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Q & A with Sam DeSalu

BS: Where did your interest in fashion originate?  What are some factors growing up that shaped your opinion about fashion?

Sam DeSalu: My interest in fashion started when I was in high school but grew when I moved to NYC in 09. Moving to NYC and being surrounded by others who shared my same interests inspired me to pursue a career in it.

BS: How did you get started in your career?  When did you get your “Big Break”?

Sam DeSalu: My first real big break was when I got internship at 106&Park which later turned into a fashion assistant position. This position gave me the opportunity to style Terrence J and work with Celebrity Stylist Mike B. This opportunity opened many doors for me and I am very grateful to the BET Fashion Director Texanna Watts for the great opportunity.

BS: How does your culture influence your sense of style?  Do you incorporate your heritage into styling others as well?

Sam DeSalu: My culture hasn’t really inspired my style but it has inspired my business endeavor.

BS: Who were some of the people that you would say paved the way for you in your career?  What designers or stylists influenced you the greatest?

Sam DeSalu: I look up to a a few ppl in the industry and this is because they inspired me to get to where I am now. Micheal Barnett (Mike B), Texanna Watts, Kwazi Kessie,Dina Brown and Micah Mcdonald They gave me the opportunity to work with them and learn the in and outs of the industry.

BS: What would you say sets you apart from other Stylists?  How do you market your brand? 

Sam DeSalu: My style and the direction I’m taking my brand sets me apart from other stylists. I’m focusing more on image consulting and personal shopping. A lot of stylists are still focused on styling celebrities and magazine editorials. I’ve transitioned myself into a market that is not as saturated and is more lucrative.

BS: What was it like transitioning from Chicago to New York to pursue your passion?

Sam DeSalu: The transition to NYC from Chicago was hard because I moved to NYC with only 250 dollars in my pocket and I had to make it last till I found a job. Once I got a job and learned how to move around the city, life in NYC became a lil bit easier.

BS: Despite the high caliber clients you have had the opportunity to work with, how do you stay humble and grounded?

Sam DeSalu: Being humble and appreciative of everything I’ve accomplished is the reason I am where I am now. Being humble gets you far in life. Plus all my success is a result of God’s work in my life. I don’t deserve any of the credit, he does.

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