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BRYAN McKOY- Know Yourself Radio

Producer, Director, Editor, Host of the internet-based radio show “Know Yourself Radio”. Bryan has taken his own past life experiences and is now using them to transform the lives of others.  He is a motivational speaker who thrives on assisting people make wise choices and guiding them to a productive future. 

Bryan is the youngest of six children, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. A child, faced with many adult decisions, knew that he was created to do something much greater which led to the birthing of B4B Entertainment which offers media services such as videotaping weddings, concerts, videos etc.

“Know Yourself Radio” was launched as a media outlet for audiences of all ages to reinforce the importance of knowing who you are. The show also examines the spiritual and natural aspects of life. Coupled with self-empowerment and self-worth the show highlights guests from all over the world. The “Know Yourself Radio” motto is “Know yourself and you can have it all!”  This media venture encourages and helps entrepreneurs/visionaries to fulfill their dreams by first knowing who they are and then going out to empower others. 

Among many of the people that Bryan has worked for are: Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Love Fellowship Tabernacle, Black Enterprise Magazine, American Broadcast Media, The War Report, and Russell Simmons’ Teen Summit, to name a few. 

Guests on the radio show have included Stellar nominee, Isaac Carree; Executive Producer at Verity Gospel, Stanley Brown; fellow radio personality, Liz Black; background singer for Rihanna, Fantasia, P. Diddy, and JayZ ~ Asselah Battles.

Bryan McKoy works diligently to inspire and empower the youth as well as individuals within his community and surrounding communities. His inspiring and touching life story is the perfect element, which will undoubtedly invigorate and encourage the mass. His audience has said that his words awaken the greatness within each of them. He is sought from all over to do what he does best—inspire.

Q & A With Bryan McKoy

BS: When was the first time you discovered that you had a passion for speaking and inspiring
others? What ignited this passion?

Bryan McKoy: My passion started when I discovered 1. Who I was,2. how long it took me to find out, 3. Why it took me so long to find out, 4. The overall decisions I’ve made in my life(good and bad),5. The state that this generation is in.

BS: Where did your interest in Radio initiate? Describe your journey transitioning into that field.

Bryan McKoy: My journey in radio actually started from me doing a video talk show. From there after few months of doing that I stepped back to revamp it and in doing so I decided to do radio. To try my hand at that and see how it would fee Its funny because I don’t look at myself as a role model. I just try and want to help people. My role models are my Bishop(Bishop Hezekiah Walker), Elder Alex Ellis, my uncle Reverend Joe L. Parker. All of which had some type of struggles in there lives but yet overcame, knew what they wanted, knew they wanted and could make a difference in life and did just that. Of course my wife Angelique and our daughter Jaelyn. Because what I do I do not only for this generation but so that my daughter even with special needs will always know she has a choice. That she doesn’t have to settle. As far as my wife goes I see what challenges she faces being the mother of a special needs child and still go after her passion and destiny as a renown Praise and Worship leader and artist.

BS: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Bryan McKoy: What I enjoy most about what I do is seeing the impact and change in peoples lives based off what I do.

BS: What is the most memorable moment in your career? Why was it so important to you?

Bryan McKoy: The most memorable moment in my life was when a parent called in to hear a guest I had on and said how not only the guest but my show helped her son get motivated to do what he had a passion for. She then began to thank me for doing my show and said how it helped her relate more to her son and family. Also when I spoke at a school and not only the kids but the teachers said how much what I said impacted them.

BS: What would you say is your secret to success?

Bryan McKoy: My secret is really no secret. Its simply God! He put this vision in me. And because he put it in me I know it will be a success! For Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!

BS: Although you are already accomplished, what other career could you see for yourself?

Bryan McKoy: I would love to have my own radio show, tv talk show, health drink, and maybe cologne!

BS: What do you do to improve yourself or your skills?

Bryan McKoy: What I do to improve my skills are read the paper, practice talking in the mirror and just watching and looking as I walk around different communities.

BS: What would you say is the greatest lesson learned from your experiences?

Bryan McKoy: My greatest lesson learned is that there are actions and reactions, and for both there are consequences! So we must choose wisely what we do, say, and how we act and respond!

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