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Shameika Bowman

Shameika Bowman is a premier Makeup Artist from New York. In a short time, her career has soared and taken her life to new heights. She has shared her talents with a number of reputable magazines, television programs, and fashion shows including the Rachael Ray Show, Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, and the world-renowned New York’s Fashion Week.

Shameika, is a young artist on the rise. Her vision for beauty spans vastly. For as long as she can remember she has been experimenting in makeup! Her grandmother’s makeup was her first “beauty playground” where she would stay in the bathroom for hours at a time experimenting in lip liners, lipsticks and foundations.

Shameika honed her craft in the dorms of Hofstra University, where she did makeup for proms and weddings while working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. After a short stint in education, she decided to use her passion of connecting with people in the field of beauty. ‘I believe there is healing in the hands of a makeup artist,’ Shameika says.

She created Your Face My Canvas LLC to fuse her personal and professional passion of changing lives, one face at a time. Her infectious personality & spirit shines through her work, as she transforms faces for television, events, and print work.

Shameika was most recently the youngest recipient for Alpha Kappa Alpha Pi Pi Omega Chapter Blacks In Action award. You can find some of her work gracing the pages of People Magazine, Intouch Weekly, and the UK international makeup magazine, FaceOn Magazine. Television Credits includes: NBC’s The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Inside Edition, ABC News, New York PIX 11 News, Si TV’s Model Latina Season 2.  Shameika’s clients have included artists such as performers Ceelo, Musiq Soul Child and an array of television personalities.

She leaves you with this scripture “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. If you believe that with God All things are possible then the world is at your fingertips.


Q&A with Shameika Bowman:

BS: Where did your love of makeup artistry initiate?  What sparked your interest in the field?

Shameika Bowman: My Love of makeup began as a young girl literally playing in all of my grandmother’s makeup stash. I would try on her lipsticks, foundations and wipe it all off before they would get home! But what led to my hand in the industry is the reaction of the people that I would make over! The transformation that happens instantly after you place that mirror in front of that client, from celebs to young girls is priceless. It is a certain glow that manifests. It literally took me being released from my job as a counselor to push me into my purpose. I did makeup for fun on my college peers, friends and occasional weddings I never thought makeup would be my career. I fought this passion but it literally took being removed from one situation to help me embrace where I was ultimately supposed to be! I was pushed into my destiny!


BS: What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

Shameika Bowman: I believe what sets me apart from my peers is my personality. I have noticed that people take themselves entirely too serious and that reads to those that you come in contact with. You must be personable, relatable and humble. You work with a range of people so you must be able to be someone that they feel comfortable with. We are in a field where your client trusts you with their face, look and image and if you don’t give off the spirit that they are in good hands you can kiss that job away.


BS: What is the most rewarding part of your career? 

Shameika Bowman: Naturally I would say seeing my work on television or magazines but when a client tells you Thank You and really mean it..that does something! Or when you get a woman or girl telling you they have never seen themselves this pretty that pushes me to continue pulling out inner beauty in everyone I encounter.


BS: What were some obstacles that you had to overcome early in your career?  How did you overcome them?

Shameika Bowman: Earlier obstacles would have to be proving yourself to be worthy .The hardest part is making people believe in your craft and setting yourself apart from those who like it as a hobby and those of us who bleed this and love it! There are so many who love the idea of playing with makeup who pass themselves off as genuine artist and then there are artists like me who cannot live without this. Getting respect for your talents is no joke.


BS: Who are some of your role models?  How do they influence you?

Shameika Bowman: I have been blessed to be surrounded by amazing professionals that influence me just by them doing what they love. I feed off of hungry people in every field not just in beauty and fashion.  My role models are those people who started off like me and dreamt the impossible and leapt and pushed themselves into success. I must say Pat McGrath  is definitely a woman I admire that dominates this field globally. She is black, humble and powerful. I strive daily to be that way.


BS: What is your opinion about mentoring?  Have mentors helped to shape your career?  Do you mentor?

Shameika Bowman:I think Mentoring is crucial! You are blessed by giving. How can you go forth without turning back to help your sister or brother? Sankofa. You cant go forward without looking back. The same way someone gave you hope it is your duty to give someone that same glimpse. I have had people invest in me with their knowledge and allowing me to assist them but I have never coined one particular person as my mentor. I take pieces from so many people I would have too many ha! As far as me mentoring, it always takes me by surprise when someone tells me I am their mentor, I say to myself who am I to be mentoring someone when I am still learning? But mentoring is not about knowing it all its about helping someone with the information and hurdles you have already crossed. It fulfills me as an artist to help other artists or whomever figure out their purpose.


BS: How do you continue to develop yourself and your brand? 

Shameika Bowman: I say working hard and opening yourself to new opportunities. My fear is getting stuck, I don’t want to be type-casted into doing one thing so I try to broaden my skills, study new ways to do things and step from behind what I know. Take on a new project or a new client that forces you to be better.


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