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Mychal Sledge- Community Activist, Writer & Motivational Speaker

Mychal Sledge

Mychal Sledge is the co-founder and the CEO of The Sledge Group Inc., a unique non-profit community based, family-oriented program, which provides male and female adolescent mentoring groups, tutorial services and a support network for the parents of the youth who participate. The Sledge Group, Inc. strives to empower, uplift and provide positive influence in the lives of urban youth.

Mychal is a servant of God, a husband and father. He is a community activist, changed agent, a published writer. He is also an inspirational and motivational speaker, available for speaking engagements and workshops covering a myriad of topics. Mychal has been on the forefront of the Black Male initiative.

An accomplished martial artist, Mychal is a national and international martial arts champion. He has traveled the world as an elite member of the United States Karate Team, winner of several National and International Championships including two gold medals in the Pan-American Games. He attained unprecedented status by being listed in the World Almanac five consecutive years.

The journey that has led Mychal Sledge to become the man he has grown to be today is not only intriguing, but extremely remarkable. He is at a place in life where he is comfortable enough to share his story in an effort to help others avoid similar pitfalls and to empower them to search within themselves for the strengths needed to succeed.

His essay, “My Brother’s Keeper” was featured in the male version of collected essays from the authors of the best-seller, “Souls of My Sisters”. “Journey into My Brothers”, released in May 2007. Mychal is currently working on his autobiography entitled, “The Life I Live Today Is Not My Own”, which will also be published in the near future.

Q&A with Mychal Sledge:

BS: What challenges have you encountered as a community activist? How did you handle them?

Mychal Sledge: I am a praying man and the challenges are pretty much the same in all our communities. Wake our people up to see that our problems are really spiritual in nature. Getting the families to do a better job of raising our children.

BS: What is your greatest strength? How will your greatest strength help you perform?

Mychal Sledge: My greatest source of strength comes from Almighty God, I’ve been given a gift to lead and teach by example.

The ability to reach the young and the unborn has allowed me to move mountains. My supportive wife pushes me to great lengths and my children drive me to ” No Limits”

BS: Which was your most rewarding experience?

Mychal Sledge: Watching the effect of The Sledge Group, on my family. Children do what they see, not always what they hear. They have watched my wife and I live ” Community” and giving back Daily.

BS: What inspired you to create The Sledge Group Inc? What type of programs do you offer?

Mychal Sledge: The Sledge Group, Inc is a God Given Program that was placed in my Wife (Debra Sledge) and my spirit to start.

We were both taught to do something about a problem. We were taught you are part of the problem if you do nothing!

Free Mentoring, one-on-one and group

Free tutorial Programs, Free parent support Groups, Food and clothe drives annual for the past 14 years.

BS: Where did your interest in writing initiate? What can we look forward to when reading your published work?

Mychal Sledge: I always wrote as child and love words. Working on Affirmation and Empowerment Books.

Also “The Life I Live Today is Not My Own”

BS: As a motivational speaker, what key issues do you touch on?

Mychal Sledge: Life and doing something about it besides complaining. A myriad of topics: social services including youth development, mentorship programs, HIV prevention, substance abuse awareness, court advocacy, crisis intervention, anger management and many other programs which address the issues affecting our community.

BS: How important is Mentoring to you? Has it played a vital role in your life?

Mychal Sledge: I had Mentors as a child and still have a mentor today. Various men guided me thru the Martial Arts from the age of 10 years. I come from a two family household. Simple put Mentors saved and changed my Life. I am strong advocate for Mentoring both in community and corporate .

BS:  What are you passionate about? How you continue to develop yourself and your skills?

Mychal Sledge: Very passionate about Life and making a difference while I am still alive.

Very Passionate about educations and self- educating.

Very Passionate about our youth, manhood, fatherhood, families- injustice and corruption.

Touching one person and watching it spread.

Love is one of the greatest Gifts from God. Staying teachable and reading and praying are my secrets to self-development. Self education as well.

BS: How do you determine or evaluate success?

Mychal Sledge: Success is looking back on where I came from and who I am today and I get really excited about what Almighty God is going to do next in my Life and others around me. Its not money but spiritual growth as a human being.

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