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How Does Making Money Affect Relationships?

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Making money is something we all have to do whether we’re in a relationship or not. Whether st for survival purposes, or respect or power, money plays a part in our lives. As far as relationships go, the issue of money has the ability to make or break the relationship bond.

Each partner brings his own rendition of money values to the table. Many couples seldom talk about these values unless a money problem arises. It’s at this point that the effects of money on a relationship are felt.


Money is best known as a means to survival; however, its influence in relationships can reach into other areas, some of which have nothing to do with survival. Power, control, adoration or seduction are all ways that money can be used within the context of a relationship.

When money is valued for what it is–a means to survival–a couple can use it to build a future, or provide for the things that are most important to them. If money is lacking, survival becomes more of a challenge, but the value of the relationship stays the same.

Relationships where money is valued as power or control by one, or both partners, will tend to place blame on the other partner when money problems arise. It’s at this point where the value of the relationship comes into question. Agreeing to not let money become a source of contention at the start of a relationship keeps money issues in their place.


In spite of the well-known adage, “Money can’t buy happiness,” money is still perceived by many as the answer to life’s problems. And while having an abundant supply can make life more comfortable, relationship needs where money is concerned fall more along the lines of clear communication regarding where each partner’s values lie.

Any form of money management should be handled from a business perspective whether the partners are corporate or conjugal. Mixing business with pleasure has become a common downfall within the context of marriage relationships.


Marriage statistics show money issues as a leading cause of divorce. Analysts predict that the rise in bankruptcies and foreclosures will see a substantial increase in divorce rates within the coming years. Considering that married couples receive substantial tax benefits, along with the available additional income in the home, one must wonder if money is the true culprit.

If money were the culprit, couples with substantial amounts of money would be blissfully happy. More often than not, money problems are a symptom of deeper problems that haven’t been addressed in the relationship. Issues of power and control can just as easily surface whether an abundance of money is present or not.

Communicating values as they pertain to money is a necessary first step at the start of any relationship.

Credit to: Jacquelyn Jeanty, Contributor

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