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United for the Fight of Lupus

Butterfly Walkers for The Alliance of Hope for Lupus Presents:

“United For The Fight of Lupus”


The Butterfly Walkers for the Alliance of Hope for Lupus are dedicated to helping find a cure for “the silent killer” Lupus, which predominantly affects women of African descent. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for patients and their families. We strive to achieve this goal by educating people about leading healthy lifestyles through exercise and proper nutrition.  The organization’s vision is to make a difference in the lives of People/Africans living with Lupus. By raising Lupus awareness, we hope to make known the dangers of this terrible ailment. To fight against this disease, we intend to provide the general public with the information and skills needed to diagnose and treat Lupus properly. We want to show individuals living with Lupus that they can live a productive life. Our goals can only be achieved through public awareness in schools, the media, and your support.


•  Promote Health Awareness of Lupus to Africans
•  Education on dealing with autoimmune disease (My Life Story With Lupus)
•  Provide Health & Nutrition Education
•  Target schools, hospitals and women’s groups
•  Get specialists to give educational talks to doctors and patient families
•  To put pressure on local and national health authorities to treat Lupus diseases with the       `
seriousness deserved in the national health care delivery system
•  Advocate for subsidized long-term drug treatment for those who can’t afford it.

•  To improve the life of Africans living with Lupus
•  To help reduce pre-mature death due to Lupus
•  To provide importance resources (medicine, rheumatologist, dermatologist and etc)
•  Fund research for treatments in hopes to finding a cure



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