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Black Celebration 2012 Honoree on ABC 7- Dont Miss It!

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June 7, 2013 – BROOKLYN, N.Y. – The “ African-American man” in the eyes of recent news, and in the eyes of the community carries various stereotypes and generalizations of negativity; headlines and words such as; “ jobless”; “killer”; “prisoner; “drug dealer”, the list goes on. The perception of the “typical” black man must continue to change towards the positive. Together, we must strive to paint a brighter picture and shine the light on those who make a memorable impact that can change a community, and be a role model to the youth.

With his most recent project, and success of his first book, “Do Right, Do Good”, Jean Alerte has partnered with the founder of Beyond the Boroughs National Scholarship Fund; Tutan Reyes, to help administer scholarship awards of up to $2,000 per year, renewable over four years to deserving students currently in college or high school seniors. Beyond the Boroughs is a 501c3 public charity that awards “last dollars in” scholarships to students across the country.

Due to his tireless efforts to become that brighter picture, and his “Do Right, Do Good “ deeds, Jean will share his story with the world on June 9th at 12pm as a guest on the inspiring Ch. 7 ABC show, Here and Now with host, Sandra Bookman. Here and Now is dedicated to covering the latest issues, news stories and trends that are impacting the local black community.

With the accomplishments of Alerte, Carter & Associates, which Jean is CEO of; and owner of Bedford-Stuyvesant’s favorite frozen yogurt shop, Brooklyn Swirl; Jean’s fuel to aspire to rise to new heights continues to increase. His positive actions bring more blessings of further business ventures. The goal is to bring business owners, fellow entrepreneurs, and anyone who shares the passion to give back, to assist in what Jean calls the “Do Right, Do Good Movement.” Every individual shares in the role of being a role model for the next generation. What better way to enhance that stature, than by supporting this initiative, not just with the scholarship, or in business, but with each step a person takes in life?

Striving to escape mediocrity can only be accomplished by taking an educated risk; the risks that Jean Alerte has taken have been a blessing to him and those who surround him. Jean is a son, brother, entrepreneur, husband, author and philanthropist; at just 31 years old, a young man with a bright spirit and old soul just wishes to leave a legacy for his future children to remember and be proud of for years to come.


Jennifer Cadet




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