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On March 29th, 2014 at Le Skyroom at the FIAF / French Institute Alliance Française 22 East 60 St, New York, New York 10022, BWIM will debut their first annual panel and awards ceremony in NYC! This platform was created to honor Black women who are pillars and have undoubtedly represented greatness in their respective fields. This event will allow our guest to witness the brilliance firsthand. And if our guest chooses so, a one-on-one experience with our honorees!


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11:00am-12:15pm Cocktail Networking Portion
12:15-12:30pm Greetings by Mistresses of Ceremony & Founder
12:30pm-1:15pm Pioneer Panel
1:15pm-2:00pm Health/Wellness & Beauty Panel
2:00pm-3:00pm Awards Ceremony
3:00pm-4:00pm VIP Portion
4:00pm-4:45pm Mass Communications Panel
4:45pm-5:30pm TV & Lifestyle Panel
5:30pm-6:00pm Q&A
6:00pm Closing Remarks



Mistresses of Ceremony

Ashlei N. Stevens   Africa Miranda

Ashlei N. Stevens | Africa Miranda


Cheryl WillsRachel Noerdlinger   Esther A1 Bershanheadshot    Sabrina Thompson

Shante Beacon  Demetria Lucas Brandi Richard  Julia Jovone   Geneva Thomas  

                  Anowa Adjah  Tiphani Montgomery  Neffi Walker  Yoli Ouiya

Cheryl Wills Rachel Noerdlinger | Sabrina Thompson | Shante Bacon | Demetria Lucas | Brandi Richards | Julia Jovone | Geneva Thomas | Dominga Martin | Anowa Adjah | Tiphani Montgomery





Lexine Emille

(646) 397-0772




NEW YORK, New York- March 1st, 2014– Black Women In Media is an organization created to celebrating and recognizing the pioneers and trailblazers in all facets of the Media.On March 29th, 2014, BWIM will do just that and debut its first awards ceremony entitled: Celebrating the Pioneers. The event will be held Le Skyroom at the FIAF / French Institute Alliance Française, 22 East 60 St, New York, New York 10022 from 11am until 6pm.

The event will begin with an elaborate cocktail hour sponsored by Trust In Us Catering, Birthday Cake Wines, & Sweets by Alize, allowing guests to network and build sustaining and beneficial relationships. Following the cocktail brunch, the event will continue with introductory remarks made by our Mistress of Ceremonies. After introductions, the panel will quickly begin followed by the awards ceremony. Panelist will discuss topics such as: (but not limited to)

  •        Mass Communications & Media
  •        Beauty & Lifestyle
  •        Journalism & Writing
  •        TV & Film
  •        Image of the Black Woman

There will be four panel discussions separated by an intermission in which “VIP” guests will have a personal experience with panelists and honorees in a secluded area in which hors d’oeuvres & beverages will also be provided. Other partners and sponsors include NABJ, Doris New York, Events Etc., Worldcast Inc., & NYULYP. There will be a performance by the beautiful and talented singer, Esnavi​.


Our Panelists are:

Ashlei N. Stevens– Mistress of Ceremonies (Host of UPTOWN Magazine’s UPTOWN Unplugged)

Africa Miranda– Mistress of Ceremonies (Bravo’s The New Atlanta Co-Star)

Cheryl Wills– Honoree (NY 1 News Anchor | Reporter | Author of Die Free)

Rachel Noerdlinger– Honoree (First Lady of NY Chief of Staff | Celebrity Publicist)

Esther Armah– Honoree (MSNBC Political Commentator)

Bershan Shaw– Honoree (OWN’s Love In the City Co-Star)

Sabrina Thompson– Honoree (CBS’ SURVIVOR Runner Up | Producer | Teacher)

Shante Bacon– Honoree (Co-Founder of 135th Street Agency Celebrity Firm)

Demetria Lucas– Honoree (Bravo’s Blood Sweat & Heels Co-Star | A Belle in Brooklyn)

Brandi Richard– Honoree (President of the National Urban League Young Professionals)

Julia Jovone– Honoree (Emmy Award Winning Make-Up Artist) 

Geneva S. Thomas– Honoree (Bravo’s Blood Sweat & Heels Co-Star | Managing Director of 1530 Agency)

Anowa Adjah– Honoree (Creator of the First Full Figured Phenomenon)

Tiphani Montgomery– Honoree (7x’s Essence Magazine Bestseller)

Neffi Walker– Honoree (Lifestyle Expert | Writer for | Owner & CEO of Kennedi Price Baby)

Yoli Ouiya– Honoree (Health & Sustainable Living Expert | Chief Eco Officer of Yoli’s Green Living)


Black Women In Media is a platform created to recognize women of color who are innovators within the media realm. This initiative was also created as a platform for other Black women currently in the media industry to receive a wealth of information from those who have attained renowned success in their respective fields.


WC_Live   unnamed   unnamed   NABJ   image    image   Highclass



“Masterchef” Josh Marks Dies at 26

Black Culinary Expo


On Friday October 11, 2013, Joshua Marks well-known from season 3 reality cooking series  ‘MasterChef’ was pronounced dead after a self-afflicted gunshot wound according to Chicago Police. Reports have said that Marks was diagnosed with mental illnesses prior to taking his own life Friday night.

According to John Maribelli, spokesman for Chicago Police witnesses are being questioned and security cameras are being reviewed in the Chicago south side area where Marks body was found.

Upon his sudden death, Marks had recorded a public service message highlighting his mental illness for the program Make a Sound Project. Friend and founder Mike Castaneda have reacted throughout media outlets replying “I will miss Josh more than anyone will know” said Castaneda.

In addition, the foundation recently released a statement saying “he had a great heart and wanted to do what he could to help kids who struggled with thoughts of suicide or depression. He was the most kind…

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NYC African Restaurant Week!!!








We are happy to announce that Panla and A Taste of Africa USA are hosting their first annual NY African Restaurant Week from Sunday, October 13th to Sunday, October 20th, 2013. We would like to invite you to participate in this exciting and unique opportunity which celebrates the best of African cuisine and culture. 

Contact us at for more info!!!!

Please feel free to ask your friends and colleagues to support the participating restaurants and be part of the first ever NYC African Restaurant Week.

The African Restaurant & Food Week (Oct13 – 20) is a cultural event that celebrates the best of the African Cuisine, wine, chefs, artisans, restaurant owners in both African and non-African restaurants across the city.

Madiba Restaurant BUKA Nigerian Restaurant, BrooklynPonty Bistro, Jollof , Tolani , Queen of Sheba, Le Souk Harem, Les Ambassades, Shrine ,La CAYE ,Toast 105

Purchase Tickets Here!!!


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2nd Annual “BLACK CELEBRATION” Awards 2013

2nd-annual-black-celebration-awards-ceremony -


Come Join BLACK STREET at Their 2nd Annual Black Tie Awards Ceremony


On September 21st,  2013, BLACK STREET, for its second year, will conduct an awards ceremony like none other in the Black community.  BLACK STREET will choose two finalists from 25 categories to go on the awards ceremony. The award recipients, with the highest amount of votes within each category and has proven credibility within each respective field, will be named at the ceremony.  We will also honor prominent and renown individuals who have utilized their platforms to cater to our community! The evening will consist of an elaborate cocktail hour, entertainment, our awards ceremony, and a VIP dinner during the awards ceremony for our elite and celebrity guests! The event will take place at The Alvin Ailey Studios on 405 W 55th Street (At the corner of 55th & 9th Ave). Doors will open at 5:30pm. The Attire is Black Tie! The event will be streamed live!!!



  • Bryan Michael Cox (Grammy Award Winning Producer)Michael Skolnik Headshot01
  • Michael Skolnik (Political Director for Russell Simmons | Co-President of
  • 67513_10201000097350363_1817903627_n
  • Michaela Angela Davis (BET Commentator | Celebrity Image Activist | Conversationalist)




View Black Celebration 2012 Here:

#blackcelebrationawards #blackcelebrationawards2013 #bcawards #bcawards2013 #bca2013


THE-upper-room-logo12Arcachon_logo DWGLogo WCINV  photo (3)image (3) powerhouse 1044349_473292456089156_340251648_nALERTECARTER LOGO TEXTDRDG Scholarship logoREDTHE_RED_HATS_LOGOBBWL 


Our current and past nominees have worked for and/or with notable brands such as BET, CNN, MSNBC, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, NY TIMES, Essence Magazine, BRAVO TV, Food Network, Black Enterprise, New York Urban League, NBC, renowned television show: SMASH, Mike Bloomberg, Michelle Obama, and many more!

BLACK STREET wants to continue honoring individuals just as those honored in the past such as:

  • Actor, Humanitarian, Author- Isaiah Washington
  • Essence Magazine Editor-At-Large- Mikki Taylor
  • Black Girls Rock Founder- Beverly Bond
  • CBS Personality & WEEN Co-Founder- Sabrina Thompson
  • TV Legal Analyst- Midwin Charles
  • New York State Senator- Kevin Parker

#blackcelebrationawards #blackcelebrationawards2013 #bcawards #bcawards2013 #bca2013

View Black Celebration 2012 Here:

This event will be filled with past featured individuals, the tri-state areas most prominent personages, wonderful atmosphere, wonderful entertainment from live bands, prominent and elite individuals and speakers, and an awards ceremony awarding top tier individuals. This year, we’ll also honor five individuals who will receive honors such as the “Lifetime of Greatness” and “Empowerment Honoree”. Stay tuned to find out our much deserved Honorees. Visit to submit nominations and view our current nominees. For Sponsorship Inquiries, Contact: .

We have wonderful sponsorship opportunities as well as Ad Space in our event journals. We are also accepting prominent individuals as well as businesses within our Event Board/Committee. Please contact us at for more information and details.

#blackcelebrationawards #blackcelebrationawards2013 #bcawards #bcawards2013 #bca2013

 View Black Celebration 2012 Here:

BLACK STREET is an online publication catered to showcasing greatness within the Black community. Although there are many outlets catered to the Black community, not many showcase individuals the way shown on the website. With an extensive mission, they plan to cater to their community through many facets. Be it mentorship programs, fundraisers for non-profits, panel discussions, and various other empowering and uplifting projects. Not merely a website, BLACK STREET is well on it’s way to becoming a movement.


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One Hundred Black Men of NYC Celebrates 50 Years


Mega-Storm Headed to NYC Wednesday




Before Spike Lee, John Singleton, Antoine Fuqua, the Hughes brothers, the Wayans clan, F. Gary Gray and Tyler Perry-there was and still is Melvin Van Peebles. When it was confirmed that I would be interviewing Mr. Van Peebles, my hands began to sweat.  What in the world could a fledgling writer asked this seasoned man?  Excuse me, this genius… Icon?  What questions could I possibly ask Melvin Van Peebles that he hasn’t been asked before?  I mean the man is 80-years old.

He’s lived in Paris, Chicago, Mexico and the Big Apple.  He speaks French, Spanish, and Dutch and studied Astronomy at the University of Holland.  In addition to all these great talents, Melvin Van Peebles is a world renowned filmmaker, honored with The Legion D’Honneur, France’s highest honor for the arts, painter, sculptor, composer, innovator, philanthropist and the originator of rap.  Yes- Melvin Van Peebles or MVP as his close friends call him is ALL of that and then some.

Just in case you’re wondering, why am I interviewing Melvin Van Peebles?  What has he done lately?  The question instead,should really be ‘What is Melvin Van Peebles not doing?’  Melvin is like the sun. Even when you don’t see him, he’s still shining.  The man is mentoring and teaching future filmmakers here and abroad. He is still creating, writing stories and does a show, called Melvin Van Peebles Wid Laxative (because MVP don’t take no shit).

In this production, MVP sings original songs, tells stories the way only he can, and just has himself a good o’l time.  He’s backed by the fellas from Burnt Sugar, carries with him on stage a giant book that looks like a bible from a distance…  and he does the zampougie!


I arrived at Mr. Van Peebles’ place late, scared and embarrassed.  But the show must go on.  I prepared 21 questions to ask him. They were cheeky, well researched and to the point.  At least I thought so.  I couldn’t find my words- “HELLO!  YOU ARE SITTING AND SPEAKING TO THE MELVIN VAN PEEBLES!” was all I could hear in my head.  “GET IT TOGETHER MADAFI AND ASK YOUR DAMN QUESTIONS!”  I ask the first question, the second, then the third, and upon asking the question after that- my lesson began.  Melvin Van Peebles is the truth, tells the truth and sometimes naughty jokes.  At times it may be a little hard to decipher when he’s serious or not, but if you really listen, you’ll catch it.

‘What inspired you to be a filmmaker?’  “Hunger.”  “Hunger?” I asked.  His response seemed too simple for me.  I thought he was pulling my leg, but he was serious.  Millions of people around the world know who and what Melvin Van Peebles has done.  Yet, millions more don’t know the beginning of his story.  When Melvin was a young boy, he and his friends would go to the NRA Movie Theatre in Southside Chicago (also known as the National Rat Alley Movie Theatre to the kids), and watch all types of movies.  But the Black films touched him a little bit more than the others.  The characters, the dialogue and the plots annoyed young Melvin.


As my interview continued, I committed the first sin of journalism: Thou shall not interrupt your subject.  I know better.  Yet, something came over me and I lost myself.  And like a good sansei, Melvin Van Peebles put me in check, or as we say down south, read me my rights.  “Look, you’re a smart girl.  Don’t ask me trivial questions.  Ask me questions with meat.”  The last thing you want to hear as a writer is that your questions are trivial.  Still, truth be told, maybe that’s exactly what I needed to hear.  The zing I felt from that statement hurt and I wanted to redeem myself.  Discussing and learning from Melvin Van Peebles was achance of a lifetime.  “Can we start over Mr. Van Peebles?”  “Yes.”  And so I did.

He said to ask questions with meat. Ask questions where which the answers could really teach the reader (that would be you) something new.  Once again my nerves started to act up, but I stepped over them and asked the question I’ve had ever since I saw Sweet Sweet Sweetback’s Bad Ass Song for the first time.  “How did you make it happen?  I mean, how did you really make this movie happen? ” Melvin sat back in his chair, took the cigar stump out of his mouth and looked at me.


Before Sweet Sweet Sweetback’s Bad Ass Song, Melvin Van Peebles made a movie in France called La Permission. Sweetback… was his third feature film.  It was shown in only two theatres at its release, one in Detroit and the other in Atlanta.  Melvin Van Peebles is so bad, that when the cinemas suggested that Sweetback… be run as a double feature, Mr. Van Peebles said absolutely not. He knew what he had.

Sweet Sweet Sweetback’s Bad Ass Song is definitely not your typical action or drama film, and certainly not in the style of the Blaxpoitation movies of that time.  This movie is what connoisseurs of film would call an Art House film.  Melvin Van Peebles and Sweet Sweet Sweetback’s Bad Ass Song did something Black films at the time had never done before.  He literally did everything. He wrote the screenplay, directed, edited it and wrote the score for it- all using his own money.

Sweetback… also gave the main character, who was a person of color- power.  Not some power, not make believe power, but the real thing.  Mr. Van Peebles made power moves in Hollywood that Black filmmakers had never done before.  Perhaps it was his destiny to have the initials M.V.P.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to be Melvin Van Peebles.  That’s why his fans, family and friends love him so much.  They’ve all recognized that this man has been and is about something.  He is not one of those artists who will bow out gracefully and work on a project just because the pockets are tight.  No, Melvin Van Peebles has been kicking, screaming, laughing, loving, teaching and sharing for far too long to go out quietly. And quiet frankly, we won’t let him.  We love him too much.  He’s worth much more than gold and diamonds put together.  Melvin Van Peebles is more valuable than any pair of sneakers or headphones.  He is the icon, the myth and the legend… and he knows it.

Written by: Madafi Pierre

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