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Charles Dieujuste Presents: CCDSL- Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Charles Dieujuste Presents: CCDSL- Fall/Winter 2013 Collection


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Charles Dieujuste presented his the CCDSL Fall/Winter 2013 collection at Sun Studios on February 6, 2013. The fashion presentation also highlighted the efforts of Community2Community to complete their first initiative, a water treatment system in Petit Goâve, Haiti.

The collection was Inspired by femme fatale, and emphasized the dominance of femininity i.e. Veronica Lake. Charles took a different approach from the usual “pop of color” from past collections and chose to use all black with along with two key cutout white gowns. Charles used silk, jersey, and lace textiles with lots of high strategically placed slits to heighten the allure and feel of the femme fatale aesthetic. Ramona Rizzo was in attendance to lend her support to the brand and help Community2Community spread the word about the water initiative.

As CCDSL presented its first stand alone fashion presentation, hosted at Sun Studios with passed hors d’œuvre and wine provided LIQNY, Miss B Catering, Synderella Cakes. Attendees enjoyed an evening of fashion, food, and getting involved with the works of non-profits like Community2community by supporting the less fortunate and spreading the word of “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a life time.”

WHERE: Sun Studios NYC

628 Broadway New York, NY 10012


LIQNY : Beverage Sponsor

Miss B catering

Synderella Cakes

WHO: Charles C Dieujuste


YASIN ABDUR: Artistic Guru


Yasin Abdur was born Allen Roosevelt Travis III, in NYC, into a family of artists. His mother was a Model and his Great Uncle, George “Rufus” Adams was a Jazz musician. A precocious child displaying artistic ability very young, it came as no surprise when at age 3, he began singing and at the age of 13 was professionally signed and repped. Parlaying his love for music and dance into a career, he choreographed and danced on an MTV dance show.  As a Songwriter, he wrote for Brandy, Raptress Eve of Ruff Ryders, 3LW, Harlem World, Trey Lorenz, and Vid Drawz.  Growing up, fashion was always on his mind.  He credits his love and official rise into the world of fashion to his friend and Mentor Debra Ginyard, whom he lived and worked closely with. During the 4 years he was with her, he accompanied her on all fashion shoots, watching this Creative Genius style the likes of Lauryn Hill, Monica, TLC and Robin Givens. Yasin had the privilege of working with this Style Icon daily in addition to sitting and listening intently at her feet as she spoke about fashion and style. He also worked alongside Andrew Caesar, who was responsible for creating the one of a kind style of Missy Elliott, Carl Thomas and Busta Rhymes.

Stepping out into his own lime light, about 8 years ago, Yasin began modeling and styling, as well as becoming the CEO and Artistic Director of his own company, Dapper Afrika. Under his Dapper Afrika moniker, Yasin has provided stylistic artistry to Jade Cole, Eugene Washington, Sarah “Pershia” Bliss, in addition to music video shoots and network television shows. His “Revolution of music, fashion and art” infused styling has appeared on the pages of Paper Magazine, the NY Times, the Satorialist as well as countless others.

Whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes, Yasin Abdur is an Impresario of the Arts, always leaving his mark on the industry. As a Singer, Songwriter, Model, Dancer, Choreographer and Artistic Director, he brings a creative talent and passion to his work that draws raves and admiration. While most stylists strive for a particular “look” for their clients at an shoot, Yasin Abdur aka The Dapper Afrika, strives to create an “personification of style” and is an (AIC) Artist in Consult of “souls” in music, image and fashion, who wants to touch the world through his gifts.


Q&A with Yasin Abdur:

BS: You spent a great majority of your life in the music industry. What is it about the fashion industry that enticed you to become a part of it?

Yasin Abdur:It just happened over time.  I never saw a difference between fashion and music.  Both were my outlets for my emotions.  Fashion came about most likely due to always being eclectic and people always saying to me that I could wear anything- as if I was a living mannequin.  I started out as a print/runway model so I guess that was my training.

BS: What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career?  How did you overcome it?

Yasin Abdur: The biggest challenge was not going back to school, never wanting to work a 9-5 and to stay true to my dreams, which also meant people would always look at you as if you are just all over the place with no focus. So I had to overcome perception/judgment from family, friends and from many who only look at you from the surface.  I experienced a very intense spiritual cleanse in my life a few years ago that made realize that I was chosen for Greater and one day my story would touch others. Whether it be thru my music or thru my visions as a wardrobe stylist I refuse to let go and give up.

BS: How confident were you in branching out and starting your own company?  How would you describe the experience?

Yasin Abdur: I was uncertain at first because I used to be managed by someone with tons of money or I was under an agent for most of my career. One day someone on the street told me that I was made to be a director or a CEO- and over the past 3 years it just came about.  It can be nerve wrecking at times but luckily I have my team who allows me to lead the way. When you are dealing with the world of fame on any level and staying true to you it’s a battle, but i love my brand and what it stands for.

BS: You wear many hats in your career. Which role do you enjoy the most and why?

Yasin Abdur: I enjoy singing on stage with my band the most.  I can feel people’s pain and share with them my love my hurt with my voice in such an angelic way of communication.  It’s healing for me.

BS: What is the significance of your company’s name, “Dapper Afrika”?

Yasin Abdur: Dapper Afrika is The Revolution of Fashion Music & Art.  Most images/music of what we see in this day and time are forced upon many as what is commercial.  I will eventually launch a Dapper Afrika coffee table book of many iconic entertainers/artists/models, which will feature syling/photography/art under my direction with spiritual quotes from each person which I feel will open up people’s mind to what being a star really means. Dapper Afrika is also a very established styling/wardrobe/image branding company. We dress supermodels on their off days, shoot album covers for artists who are working on their come backs or are seeking a new look.  The GOAL is to put art & spirituality back into these major fashion magazines which is going greatly,  letting people know that style should always be original and from within. 


BS: What makes you different from other stylists / musicians / models? 

Yasin Abdur: I have a list of amazing people that have influenced my life my struggles my journey that I gladly express in each of these gifts. I dont pay attention to the outside world less needed so I believe that my delivery is on another level.  The world only gets an icon every 12 years and I feel and know it’s my time as such.  I dont do well with titles so maybe that saves me from being like others. 


BS: What is the most important lesson you have learned from your mentor, Debra Ginyard?

Yasin Abdur: She taught me that if you honestly believe in the dream it will come true.  I was about 19 years with no home and she took me in.  That meant a lot to me and ‘til this day I still wake saying “how and why me?”  3 years of my life living in the presence of some amazing iconic artists was out of this world to me.  Nothing is by coincidence and I am thankful for her because she’s true to being a black woman, independent humble and powerful. Everyone has Angels and she was one of mine. 


BS: What advice do you have for people, specifically African Americans, trying to make it in the industry?

Yasin Abdur: Stay away from your ego. Never think you’re greater than another just be great at being you.

Study your art; study your purpose, by surrounding yourself with others whom you aspire to be like.  Stop believing in this so called “industry”- for if you give into it, it will eat you up.  Dont be afraid of the hardships, for there will be many when you want to truly make it.  Lastly, don’t lose your soul for no dollar!

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Kiki Barth. This tall, dark chocolate beauty stands 5’11 and model skinny, but very curvy.  She is definitely a chameleon, able to transform her looks from one character to another very easily. I initially met Ms. Barth last year at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim, where she was walking for the Lisa Blue Show. She immediately caught my eye, and when she opened her mouth to speak, her French/Creole accent revealed that she was Haitian. And she is so proud of her native country Haiti.

We had an instant connection. She was just as excited to find out that I was also Haitian. We discussed the condition of the country, the families we lost, the plans to go back, the amazing people we may have in common, and our love for Marc Baptiste–the work he is doing for Haiti and how we should all collaborate. We promised to work together, but if you know anything about the fashion industry, you can go months without seeing the same person again. During fashion week you stand a better chance of reconnecting.  True to the industry, we did meet again at Fashion Week, and promised that this time we were definitely going to make things happen on all levels… business, pleasure, and Haiti.

This season, we had the opportunity to work Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim again in the tents while she was working the Red Carter and the Rana Rojo shows. She killed! Both men and women were mesmerized by her beauty and walk of confidence. She blew kisses and gave us that walk reminiscent of Naomi Campbell; no exaggeration.

Walking the runway this season for eleven shows was definitely a full schedule. Undoubtedly, this prepares Ms. Barth to return to New York to walk Fashion Week for this upcoming season. The demand is already very high. She humbly declines to name some of the shows requesting her. I like that. Please keep in mind, Ms. Barth has already been shot by the legendary Bruce Weber, which gives her bragging rights. But still she keeps mum. Upon further investigation, I learned some famous names that she has the luxury of calling clients are Bobbi Brown, Chloe, Lanvin, Cavalli, Michael Kors, Herve Leger, Anne Fontaine, Nicole Miller and the notable Agent Provocateur.

When I requested an interview for my column, she responded, “Awww, that is so nice.  I really appreciate it.” She has not an ounce of haughtiness or sense of entitlement. Her career is what gave her a measure of confidence, because she feels beautiful when she’s modeling.. So, Ms. Barth wanted our interview to highlight her career, as a way to empower girls. Her desire is to help the orphans of Haiti, to be a role model, like her own idol Iman, whom she admits is one of the Beauty icons she loves.

Q & A With Kiki Barth

MLM: Where were you born? 

Kiki Barth: I was born in St. Marc, Haiti.

MLM: When and where did you start modeling? 

Kiki Barth: I was 15 when I started, and it was in West Palm Beach, FL.

MLM: What is your connection to Haiti?

Kiki Barth: I want to go back there to help the orphans.

MLM: What does modeling mean to you as a Haitian model? 

Kiki Barth: To me, modeling is a different outlet I could focus my energy on and it gave me the confidence all young girls should have. It makes me feel so Amazing and beautiful, especially on the runway.

MLM: Who are your role models? 

Kiki Barth: My mother definitely, but as for the industry it’s Iman. She is classy, beautiful, and smart. Her look is timeless. She’s been in the beauty, fashion, and cosmetics industry for a long time, and certainly has done a huge part to help define true beauty for African American women. She is such an inspiration. She is not just a model, but a role model for women of color. I also wear many of Iman’s cosmetic products.

MLM: What are your future plans for Haiti? 

Kiki Barth: I don’t have one big cause or a plan to save the world, but I contribute to my country Haiti simply by helping out in small ways. I commit most of my free time to working at the food bank, travel to Haiti to teach young girls in school about my modeling, and any other experience, and I volunteer for a variety of causes.

Obviously my seemingly random volunteer efforts may not change the world or Haiti, but I have learned that if I can impact even one person, then I have done a good job. Realizing that I helped pack hundreds of boxes of food reminds me that even in small ways, an individual can make a difference. I’ve also learned that service does not flow in only one direction. Although I may be the one giving my time to help others, by sharing their laughter, their tears, and their stories with me, other people constantly inspire me to have faith that humans are good. My efforts may feed their body for the moment, but their words feed my soul forever.

MLM: What is your message for young Haitian girls who want to model?

Kiki Barth: My advice to any inspiring young Haitian girls, is to love yourself, recognize your gifts and unique talents and put them to good use. Dream of what you can become. Accept and value the person you are now. Reach for the impossible and do the best job you can do. Never give up, no matter how much rejection you may encounter. One day you will succeed.

Words by Myrdith: Your stereotypical model is supposed to be vacuous and shallow. However, I don’t think Kiki Barth got that memo.  This brilliant, motivating artist sees beyond her own victories to the future success of others that will come after her. What a wonderful legacy to be working towards–to inspire the next generation of Haitians, and all girls that have the privilege of seeing her on the runways, and in the pages of fashion magazines.

See you on the catwalk, Kiki Barth! Representing women, women of color, and Haiti… Your success is our success.

Interview done by Myrdith Leon McCormack

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Photo credit: Michaelle Chapoteau


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Brelyn Freeman

Brelyn Freeman is the youngest daughter of Drs. Mike and Dee Dee Freeman. An example both spiritually and naturally, Brelyn has exemplified wisdom and a commitment to serving God that surpasses her age. Because of her passion and stand for Christ, as well as her willingness to honor her parents, Brelyn is living the good life. Ministering the Word of God with simplicity and power, she strives to continue to live a life that others can follow. Brelyn is the founder and CEO of Breezyz Accessories. A brick and mortar accessories store located in Waldorf, MD, she has expanded her desire for entrepreneurship to include an online site as well ( In addition to her pursuits outside of the ministry, Brelyn is a Director of the Single’s Ministry, a Floor Director assisting the Audio and Media ministries and a true servant at heart. Committed to remaining a virgin until marriage, Brelyn Freeman is simply put, a young woman who loves God and is committed to fulfill His assignment for her life.
Q&A With Brelyn Freeman

BS: It is admirable to see such a young black woman as an entrepreneur! How old are you?

Brelyn Freeman: Thank you, I am 18!

BS: Black women are faced with obstacles? Has it been a challenge being your age and taken seriously as an entrepreneur?

Brelyn Freeman: It has been a challenge for me at times, not with everyone, just a certain few. If you stick to what you know and have confidence about it, after awhile, it won’t phase you!

BS: How did you come up with the idea of Breezy’z? How long since your grand opening?

Brelyn Freeman: Well the name came from my Grandaddy when I was a little girl he would call me Breeze, and I always loved accessories so I decided to provide Fashionable Affordable chic accessories! It’s been about two months now since our Grand Opening.

BS: What advice do you have for anyone who wants to venture towards a similar goal?

Brelyn Freeman: I would say find out what exactly it is you want to do, write it down and set goals for yourself. Find someone in the same field that you can look up to and watch them closely. Successful people always leaves clues. Keep your head up no matter how old or young you are anything is possible. You can make it happen! Lastly, if no one else believes in you believe in yourself.

BS: What next should we expect from Brelyn Freeman?

Brelyn Freeman: Next from Brelyn: You can expect a children’s jewelry line from Breezyz,and another book this coming summer!


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“DOUBLE THE TROUBLE”- The Harris Twins

The Harris Twins

Alex Harris and Andrew Harris known in the industry as “The Harris Twins” are newest dynamic duo in the modeling industry. They are trailblazers for African American twin models.

The Harris Twins were not always the coolest kids in school. In fact, growing up in Indiana they had no friends, no invites to events, and well fashion did not seem to be their friend. They only had themselves and they had to make it work. Their unique “Double” look made them standout in school. They were forced to create their own category of “Cool”. When your mirror image is your handsome twin brother, why would you need anyone else? The twins may have gone unnoticed in the hallways but in the modeling industry, they are making major moves and shining like industry jewels.

Their unwillingness to conform created an exciting drive for fashion. Their unique flair led them to a chance opportunity in the modeling industry. The Harris Twins introduction to the modeling world came after being introduced to the editors of NV Magazine based in New York City. From there the twins had their first celebrity photo shoot and graced the pages with singer Michelle Williams for April issue of NV magazine. The shoot soon led them to Los Angeles to meet celebrity photographer, Jerris Madison. Their faces were then featured on the cover of the October issue of The Shoot. The twins then went on to work in Baltimore, Maryland with celebrity photographer, Michael Antonio and celebrity designer, Stevie Boi. The twins have an impressive portfolio for being in the industry for less than 2 years.

The Harris Twins’ modeling inspirations come from each other. They risked a lot to venture off to New York City to pursue there dreams. Having reached over 100,000 miles on their car, traveling back and forth from Atlanta, to Baltimore, to Virgina, to Connecticut, to Indiana ect. It was a struggle for them to get stable, having to go through homelessness, sleeping in their car for weeks at a time, and being scammed left and right for what they were led to believe was the truth. But they stayed strong and are still working hard to reach their never ending goals in the industry.

The Harris Twins’ modeling career is taking them to new heights. They are no longer the ugly ducklings. They have been in a number of fashion shows. They recently became the new faces of ENYCE Clothing Co. and were featured in the feb/mar 2011 issue of The SOURCE MAGAZINE as models for the ENYCE ad Campaign, which was also a billboard Vegas. They ripped the runway on 2011’s BET’S RIP THE RUNWAY and were also featured the June 2011 issue of Bleu magazine. The twin’s are currently preparing for New York fashion week as they grace the runways of many shows including the “Night Out w/Constance White of Essence Magazine” runway show held on June 15, 2011. The Harris Twins are something to look out for as they continue to make their way as the new face of modeling. They always say two is better than one!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope to here from you soon:

Q&A With The Harris Twins

BS: You guys are too cute! Is it hard for people to tell you two apart? Does it ever bother you?

Harris Twins: Thank you! Yes it usually hard for people to tell us apart that don’t know us. but our personalities usually differ us from one another. Once people get to know us they can easily tell us apart. It doesn’t really bother us unless we’ve known the person for a while and they still cant tell us apart. lol

BS: How did you choose modeling as a profession? Did you both agree to model? If not, how did one convince the other to do it?

Harris Twins: It all started when we met Darryl Brown. Chad Bell, Adrian Fanus, and Michelle Williams. January 21, 2009 we took the greyhound to NY, not knowing anything about it, it was the worst 18 hours of our lives, and also in the middle of the winter. It was crazy because a week prior we had the most horrible bad luck ever. when I say bad luck, I mean bad luck! For some reason everyday for that week I hurt myself in some way. One day I am running to class and I slip on the ice and bust my shoulder. I think I fractured my arm. Another day I caught an eye infection that turned my whole eye blood shot red, and ANOTHER day Andrew ended up getting a throat virus that wouldn’t allow him to talk. By the time we were ready to depart from Indiana to NYC we thought to ourselves, Is this really worth it? What if this photo shoot is a scam?
We had never been to New York, we had only heard stories about it and watched it on T.V. during new years. We were in horrible shape and didn’t know whether we should take the long trip to NY or stay home and live our regular lifestyle. We thought to ourselves, this trip to New York could change our lives. It was almost like in the matrix, we had to take the red pill or the blue pill. We made the decision to take the red pill lol. We had never been outside of Indiana, hell, we never even been on a grey hound. Not knowing what we were going to endure in this 18 hour trip, we prepared for the worst but hoped for the best. We packed everything that we needed. We finally reached NEW YORK CITY. It was a beautiful scene. We saw Times Square for the first time and met a few celebrity designers. We also went to a few “go sees”. It was great with the exception of being in a lot of pain from the week prior. We started to think, this could change our lives and we can make a huge impact.
The day before the shoot we met Adrian Fanus, celebrity barber. He thought it would be hot to blonde our hair for this particular shoot. We had the blonde hair before Chris Brown, yea that’s right. lol We never died our hair before. It was scary because we thought our hair would fall out. That whole experience was full of firsts. We kept it blonde for months, we felt like aliens when we went back to Indiana because we were the only ones with blonde hair.

BS: As young African American male models, you two are definitely raising the bar. Do you enjoy representing the Black community?

Harris Twins: Yes, We love it. We are blessed to be able to come to NY and chase our dreams. Many people wouldn’t do what we did. We had to build up a lot of courage to come to NY. We received a lot of of positive emails.

BS: Other than modeling, what other endeavors have you two delved in? Both together and individually.

Harris Twins: Together we began hosting parties. Its always fun to host a party and get paid for it. We plan on hiring a crew to do party hosting for us so we can focus more on modeling.

BS: What have been the most rewarding experience for you two?

Harris Twins: Being on BET RIP THE RUNWAY was amazing! It was our first time on national T.V.  The whole world got to see us walk and we met so many people. Another one was Being featured in an Ad for The Source Magazine.


One day we were watching Netflix, Spartacus, which is actually a really good show. LOL! We received a phone call stating that Enyce would like to use us for their ad in the new issue of  The Source magazine. We were very excited and pumped for the shoot and arrived to the shoot the next day. It was our first time in the source magazine which is a really nice office. We met a lot good people. Thanks to Kidear Youmans for booking this gig for us. A few days later we attended OJ Williams/fashion editor of The Source, birthday celebration where we met many more great people and networks which has allowed us to do so much in the last couple weeks be on the look out for the Harris Twins. The Enyce billboard will be up very soon in Vegas so anyone in Vegas who sees it please take a photo and send it  Thank you everyone for your love and support 🙂

BS: Should we look out for the Harris twins in other industries?

Harris Twins: I believe so, I just got offered to do a few roles in some short films. That’s probably something we will be focusing on in the future, and more videos.

BS: Do you have any advice for any individuals who aspire to break into the modeling agency?

Harris Twins: For anyone that wants to began a modeling career, they need a little bit of guidance and I encourage all our fans to read our blog.



AGENT: Chris Rivers/ I.M.C Model Management

Phone: (347)327-8859
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A Night Out w/Constance White of ESSENCE MAGAZINE
june 2011/Bryant Park Hotel

Rasheeda Music video ft. Cherish,

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Bianca Chardei

Born in Columbia, SC and bred in Washington, DC. Bianca Chardei has been a part of the entertainment industry since the tender age of 10. As a child, Bianca was always intrigued by Arts. She was featured in various Wal-Mart commercials, PBS programs, hosted her own televised talk show and even taught Liturgical Dance.

Bianca began her collegiate career in 2006 at Howard University majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. With her background in modeling and acting, Bianca immediately began working on her career .She grew a strong appreciation for the diversity of DC and the vast Arts outlet that DC offers. She became a freelance fashion writer for various publications, modeled in DC fashion Week and became the face of many local boutiques. She soon became one of DC’s most requested and valued models.

Since 2006, Bianca has been featured in various BET Rip the Runway commercials, NYFW and graced the runways of the some of the most respected and top designers. In 2009, Bianca landed a spot on the 13th season of the hit show America’s Next Top Model. Since the show she has been featured in Campaigns for Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, Indique Hair International and her upcoming campaign, Espion Collection. Bianca is also the face Cole Stevens Hair Salon and the Spokeswoman for Wailers Creation a Non-Profit to Support Adoption/Foster Youth and WEAVE a non profit supporting domestic abuse victims.

Bianca Chardei is currently a guest co-host for Big Tigger’s Direct Access, a CW-DC50 TV Personality & has an upcoming fashion radio segment. She is currently reading for films, working on her television show and recipe book.

Q&A With Bianca Chardei

BS:   When did you begin modeling? How did you know that this career choice was the right one for you?

Bianca Chardei:  I began modeling at the tender age of ten years old. Initially it was an activity I was placed in by my mother for elf grooming and etiquette. Soon, I began doing commercials, shows, etc..Theatre was my first love, I eventually gave theatre up for modeling. I came to college in 2006 (Howard) and traveled between NY and DC from 2007 to our present day. I regret not enjoying my true Howard experience, but I would’ve never gotten where I am today. I guess GOD had another plan for me!

BS:   Does reality shows focused on the fashion and modeling industries do justice for the reality of the industry? Would you encourage people who are interested in pursuing a career in modeling to use these shows as a tool to enhance their skills and educate their selves?

Bianca Chardei:  When entering any industry, education and thorough research is important. When starting a career, one should look further down the road at their long term goals and dreams. Reality TV is a great platform for that, modeling is a great platform and tool to influence Young Women!

BS:  What was/is the hardest thing about being a model? Would you say the “pro’s” outweigh the “con’s”?

Bianca Chardei:  I believe it’s all how you apply yourself mentally, Every industry has it’s pros and cons….

BS:  Do you believe Black models are getting much more recognition of their work?

Bianca Chardei:  I do, more designers see the need for darker skin or women of “exotic descent”. There is a lack thereof within the industry and we are slowly but surely breaking all barriers.

BS:  What are your other area interests? What do you aspire to do in the future?

Bianca Chardei: I have quite a few things in my agenda.

1) I love food, I have an upcoming recipe book, focusing on eating for beauty!…

2) I love children; I just started an organization called Love Yourself. My program is geared towards Young Women ages 11 to 25. The main objective and mission of Love Yourself is to increase the self-esteem in young women through self-grooming, innovative and holistic activities.

3) Fashion, Writing, and Journalism. I graduated from Howard with a BA in Journalism; writing is one of my passions.

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“ZIPPER QUEEN”- Patrice Goodluck

Patrice "Zipper Queen" Goodluck

Q&A With Patrice Goodluck

BS:  When were you absolutely sure you would be a designer? Did you jump to the occasion immediately?
Patrice Goodluck: When I was 9 years old I decided to be a Fashion Designer. I didn’t jump into design it immediately, I first went to college for Law and Business Management then after I went to an art school and studied Fashion Design.

BS:  What steps did you take in the beginning to become a designer? How do you go about getting recognition for your work?

Patrice Goodluck: I went to school and that was the first step into my career. as for recognition I do not believe I’ve been recognized for my work, I feel there’s a lot more work that need to be done for that to happen.
BS:  Were there times you felt like giving up? How did you encourage yourself to keep going?
Patrice Goodluck: Honestly I never had a moment where I felt like giving up and looking at how much school cost me I don’t think I’ll ever have a moment where I will feel like give up. *chuckles*

BS:  Would you say designers of color receive the recognition they deserve in the world of Fashion?

Patrice Goodluck: I feel there isn’t enough recognition for black designers in the industry, I can’t even name any big name designers who are black. I can’t think of any.
BS:  What would you say are the top four key essential points to keep in mind as a designer?
Patrice Goodluck:
  • 1. Stay true to your self and to your craft
  • 2. Just do it! If you feel like making something just make it
  • 3. Learn the Business
  • 4. keep up with the trends
BS:  We know your clothes are of Avant Garde style, do you plan on designing other styles?
Patrice Goodluck: I really don’t plan things, planning to me is like planning a kids birthday party. I feel like if you plan things you always know the out come and that’s something I’m not trying to do, I rather just go with the flow. So to answer the question planning to me is not in my vocabulary. I like to be free design wise.
BS:  You have been righteously crowned the “Queen of Zippers”. Can you please share how you’ve come about receiving that title?
Patrice Goodluck: LOL! Wow, I never knew I was the “Queen of Zippers”. I hear people say it, but I’m still waiting on my crown lol. As for the Zipper concept  that came about in my last semester in college where I had to create three looks to present with my portfolio. It was then I decided I didn’t want to use fabric I wanted to create my own textile, so I created a line of zippers.
BS:  Would you agree that it is imperative for a designer to capture their own sense of style in regards to designing? Why?
Patrice Goodluck: Very much so, I feel that you have to have your defined style in order to be excluded from the rest. To differentiate yourself and stand out. Standing out is a good thing in this industry.

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