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10 Foods To Boost Male Health

Healthy eating is essential for both men and women. Whereas a woman may turn to consuming a salad, the average African American male would more likely scarf down a burger and fries combo, minus the bacon topping as his way of promoting nutritious eating.  Traditionally, an African diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables.  The native… Continue reading 10 Foods To Boost Male Health

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BLACK Cuisine: Restaurant Secrets Putting Your Health at Risk

When you’re dining out, the last thing on your mind is the safety of your food. But after learning these industry secrets, it might become the first thing you consider. Learn what you can do to ensure that your dining experience is just as safe as it is delicious.   Secret: You’re More at Risk… Continue reading BLACK Cuisine: Restaurant Secrets Putting Your Health at Risk

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Obama’s Healthcare Bill Upheld by Supreme Court

Emotions raged high yesterday, June 28th, 2012, as Obama announced his health plan was upheld by the supreme court with a victory of 5-4. Democrats and the general public cheered on of this victorious win. Republicans however are convinced this is indeed a mistake and an unwanted expansion of the government. Undoubtedly it's because it… Continue reading Obama’s Healthcare Bill Upheld by Supreme Court

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Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you MUST make lemonade. That’s what single mom, Chaundra Smith, originally from the south side of Chicago, did in 2008 when she took her passion and turned it into a profession after being laid off. The Wake Technical Community College graduate didn’t let a miserable situation keep her down. But rather… Continue reading LOVE COMES NATURALLY- Chaundra Smith