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BLACK Cuisine: Les Ambassades

A couple of Sundays ago two colleagues, a neighborhood friend, myself and three children age ranging from 3 to 11 arrived at Les Ambassades in Harlem, and boy was it a full house.... inside and out that is. We didn’t have a reservation or thought of making one, heck it’s a boulangerie!!! The versatile, largely… Continue reading BLACK Cuisine: Les Ambassades

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Walethia Aquil: Speaker~International Author~Entrepreneur~Philanthropist

“Transforming Professionals From Invisible To Impeccable” Walethia Aquil, CEO of Grace and Charm is a dynamic ball of innovative fire that can help you jump start your business and your brand via her Grace and Charm Success System signature products. Her mission is to “Create powerful professional brands by taking professionals from invisible to impeccable… Continue reading Walethia Aquil: Speaker~International Author~Entrepreneur~Philanthropist


“ZIPPER QUEEN”- Patrice Goodluck

Q&A With Patrice Goodluck BS:  When were you absolutely sure you would be a designer? Did you jump to the occasion immediately? Patrice Goodluck: When I was 9 years old I decided to be a Fashion Designer. I didn't jump into design it immediately, I first went to college for Law and Business Management then after I… Continue reading “ZIPPER QUEEN”- Patrice Goodluck



Latisha Daring is a true visionary with a keen eye for trend and unique style. Born in Brooklyn where trends begin and end, she began to understand the power of individuality. In 2000 she decided to leave the world of big box retail, and develop her own retail environment in a Borough that she knew… Continue reading FROM RETAIL TO RUNWAY- Latisha Daring

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Carol Wilson was born in Stamford, CT where she also received her BA in Human Resource and a Doctorate in Theology. Carol is married with nine children and many other extended children. Carol served ads a foster mother for years and have adopted several children. "Children are such a joy, they can sometimes make you… Continue reading DREAM KOSMETICS- Carol Wilson

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Clyde Vanel owns and operates the Vanel Law Firm, an intellectual property and business law practice based in New York City. He represents entrepreneurs, business owners and entertainers from around the world. He specializes in trademark acquisition and licensing, copyright licensing and transfers, and patent licensing. He operates the e-commerce site where his firm… Continue reading PROTECTING YOUR BRAND- Clyde Vanel

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In 1970 Danielle Moore’s grandmother, the late Annie Mae Moore started baking for her friends and family in Brooklyn, NY. Though she never formally started a store front business, her cakes sold by word of mouth and her customers included many people from the neighborhood. Nothing pleased her more than to see the smile on… Continue reading THE JACK OF ALL TRADES- Danielle Moore