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Inspiration Sunday: Strength For Today…

      I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me... When you realize that God gave you the strength to do what you do, it makes you  Live & Love,                     Give & Forgive,                                 Listen & Learn,                                         Work & Sacrifice,                                                 Speak & Communicate                                                        with more Passion & Purpose.… Continue reading Inspiration Sunday: Strength For Today…

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Pastor D.H. Dawkins

Dywane H. Dawkins, Sr. was born and raised in New York. Influenced greatly by his great-grandparents, he was brought up in a Christian household. He was called to ministry at the age of fourteen. Since then, he has been ministering and bringing about a life transforming experience in lives around the world. He is a… Continue reading Pastor D.H. Dawkins

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What Are Some of the Challenges That Christian Youths Face in Today’s Society?

The other day my seven year old made a comment that took me by surprise. She expressed to me that she was interested in partaking in a school talent show. I then asked her what would be her talent? She replied, singing. I followed up with, what song would she sing? And that’s when she… Continue reading What Are Some of the Challenges That Christian Youths Face in Today’s Society?

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Tony Gaskins successfully juggles his roles as husband, father, author, life/relationship coach, motivational speaker and filmmaker. Gaskins bypassed the typical route to destiny to trek a dangerous trail that had the potential to land him at the undesired destination. Although his childhood included strong, upstanding rearing, Gaskins jeopardized his full football scholarship when his actions… Continue reading A MAN OF POSITIVITY- Tony Gaskins

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Ebony L. Ross, singer, song-writer, actress and speaker is a D.I.V.A (Determined, Intelligent, Victorious & Able) in her own right, captivating audiences with her hardcore and gut wrenching vocal delivery. From the time she grabbed the microphone at 8-yrs old in her current church home of Trinity Pentecostal House of Prayer Church (TPHP), she felt… Continue reading THE VOICE OF A DIVA- Ebony L. Ross