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BLACK Cuisine: Les Ambassades

A couple of Sundays ago two colleagues, a neighborhood friend, myself and three children age ranging from 3 to 11 arrived at Les Ambassades in Harlem, and boy was it a full house.... inside and out that is. We didn’t have a reservation or thought of making one, heck it’s a boulangerie!!! The versatile, largely… Continue reading BLACK Cuisine: Les Ambassades

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Remembering the “Queen of Soul Food” Sylvia Woods

Sylvia Woods, a New York City icon not only in the culinary world but to the Harlem community died Thursday afternoon at her Mount Vernon home, She was 86 and had been battling Alzheimer's disease, family members said in a statement. She died just as Mayor Bloomberg was paying tribute to the 50th anniversary of… Continue reading Remembering the “Queen of Soul Food” Sylvia Woods

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In 1970 Danielle Moore’s grandmother, the late Annie Mae Moore started baking for her friends and family in Brooklyn, NY. Though she never formally started a store front business, her cakes sold by word of mouth and her customers included many people from the neighborhood. Nothing pleased her more than to see the smile on… Continue reading THE JACK OF ALL TRADES- Danielle Moore