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Kristen V. Carter – Screenwriter, Television Producer & Educator

Kristen V. Carter is a screenwriter, television producer, and educator from Newark, New Jersey. She has produced for a variety of cable’s top programs including MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, OWN’s My Mom is Obsessed, and Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. In addition, Kristen has served as a speech writer for Viacom executives, including BET’s CEO… Continue reading Kristen V. Carter – Screenwriter, Television Producer & Educator



DJ CEO aka “the best dressed DJ PERIOD!” has been spinning records since 1997.  He started DJ’ing as a hobby. However, he quickly realized the wheels of steel were his creative home.  DJ CEO grew up around music; his father was the family and neighborhood DJ, playing music for local house parties while his uncle… Continue reading THE BEST DRESSED DJ- DJ Ceo


MTV’S “MAN & WIFE” CO-HOST- Shanda Freeman

Born and raised in Newburgh, NY Shanda Freeman was destined to do great things! Becoming a young mother at the tender age of 15 did not stop her from believing she would achieve all her dreams! Beginning her career in HIV/AIDS Services in 1996, Shanda worked as a Case Manager and Counselor for over 8… Continue reading MTV’S “MAN & WIFE” CO-HOST- Shanda Freeman

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KITTYROSE- Catherine Warren Bishop

Growth can be defined by the success of ones efforts. Catherine Warren Bishop's efforts have catapulted her talents in a wide range of specialties and ventures. As a buyer, retailer and designer she has the ability to combine industries that has helped her achieve the branding of a new lifestyle--The KittyRose LyfeStyle. Catherine’s resume includes;… Continue reading KITTYROSE- Catherine Warren Bishop